Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trainee success

Hi to all. I'm sitting and enyoing a big cup of coffee this morning and let my mind look back on yesterdays fishing trip. The day before yesterday we got company of Anton, a trainee from my former school Sport Fishing Academy, who is going to stay with us for the next 3 weeks.

Since this was his first visit to Karlskrona, he was more than excited to get out on the water after a day at the camp. As many of my own fishing trips, I try to explore "new" areas all the time and also visit places where I haven't been for a while. All to get good knowledge about where to recomend our guests to go. Still a lot of places are overloaded with different types of sea grass and chickweed.

We went out in the early evening with good expectations. The wind condition didn't let us fish around the islands in the middle archipelago this time as I first had thoughts of. Meteorologists must have had a bad day yesterday, since we expected 6-7m/s west winds but the truth was more like 10-11m/s and S/SW-winds. This didn't bother much though, since we continued to fish behind the islands to get some wind cover in the east part of the arcipelago.

Well first hour didn't give to much answers, as just one small cucumber came up on a 6'' yellow Relax shad of mine. But last two hours resulted in amazing fishing! We put the anchor in the middle of a small bay where the wind came in with good strength and started casting around. First a +80cm immediately took my yellow Relax shad again, and short after that Anton had a few missed strikes on a large shad in Yellow/Red colour (30cm!). Finally, a good strike for him and a nice estimated 95cm was seen in the surface. This lady didn't appreciate the celebrity of beeing seen so she decided to let go before we had a chance to land her. To bad, it was a nice fish! Anton did get his revenge just minutes later though, a thin 93cm was securely landed and measured.

After a few more bites, we continued on for the last 30 minutes of fishing, which ended in great success! Since the pikes today seemed to go for bigger baits, I decided to put on my 40cm Savage Gear Real Eel in purple colour. Third cast, BAM! 85cm fish who also took a jump with whole body above the surface. There were several more hard strikes, and I almost sh*t my pants just a few casts later when a 100cm+ fish came with super speed to hit my Eel when I was just about to lift it above the surface, leaving a smaller shower after herself. Just within all this excitement Anton gets a hard strike on a 45cm XXL softbait. Landed and measured this nice sample to be 102cm, 8.2kg. Not to bad, first time in Karlskrona and directly a meter fish!! :) Continiously, we also landed one more +90cm fish before we went back again.

Pikes are for sure ready for our arriving guests!        



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