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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bom Bom, Baam!

Wow fishing is continuously hot at the moment. Yesterday we had a bit stronger winds, perhaps about 8m/s with local squalls at 14m/s. Of course this didn't bother me much after work. Last couple of days has been great so I decided to give it a try anyway.

And this was a decision that I wouldn't regret. Best fishing at the moment is still a far way out in the archipelago, where you can find shallow parts close to deeper areas. With the wind condition I had to stop just a few hundred meters out from the harbour to optimize my load in the boat, just to get a steady drive on the open water.

The fishing started out a bit slow but soon enough I had a huge strike with a following good fight, pulling out line several times in 7-10m rushes. When I saw the fish I realized that this for sure was a meter pike, most probably up to 1.10 and good condition. My feelings was combined with happy spirit in my head with the feeling of "God please let me land this fish now and don't let it escape for me!".

Of course, the pike heard my thoughts and decided to spit my lure out, with following bad words from my mouth. Immediately I made a new cast on almost the same spot as the biggie striked, and to my amazement a new good hit almost directly showed of into my banana formed rod. This fish also spitted out my lure but just after 4-5 seconds, I felt that this fish was big as well!

Some more bad words followed but directly I made a new cast just a few meters to the right of where the first ones were attacking my eel. BAM and a third fish of great size inhaled my bait! I could not believe what was going on while I was fighting this fish. To my relief, I saw that this beauty had taken both hooks well and was for sure not going to get away. At the boat I used a poor lip grip to secure the fish. Success!

It's hard to get good photos when out on water, but with a carp sack you can easily put the pike back to the water while setting up your camera. So with the self-timer I managed to take few nice pics of this top conditioned 104cm :) And best of all? It's all on the Go Pro monted on my chest. Will be up on our YouTube channel soon!

3 hours fishing, contact with 3 meter pikes and a total of 7 in the boat yesterday.



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nice fish coming up!

So nice to confirm that the season seems to start good this autumn. We are barely in the end of August, but still there are som nice fish coming up. Today I had lure graver Jens in the reception and he told me about a 10,4 kilo fish (Huge! 110cm?) that was caught in our area in the past days. I also heard from other people that at least 2 meter pikes was caught in the last days, but these samples were very thin.

Personally, I ended my shift in the early afternoon so I decided to go out for a short evening session since weather was superb! A bit cloudy, about 4-5m/s and south-west direction of the wind. This day, all islands and reeds looked good but I decided to try a bit further out again. This was for sure a good choise. Within 2.5 hours fishing I managed to catch 2 pikes just under the meter, one of approx 85cm and also 5 more between 75-80cm. They were going crazy out there and I can't even imagine how many followers there was. All fish were standing in about 2m depth close to deeper water.

At the moment we are having 2 groups of fishing guests and tomorrow seems to be pretty okey fishing weather as well so hopefully there can be some nice fish coming up!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finally, we're in it!

As the headline calls, we are into the autumn season now! The second group of fishing guests arrived today and more to come. With the past days good fishing, we hope that our guests will reach their expectations out there and hopefully we can post some pictures in middle of next week of their catches. One thing is for sure, these guys were excited from their toes and up when they got here!

This summer I have experience the average size to be a bit lower than last year, but in the last couple of weeks I´ve heard about some nice fish coming up. At least 3 meterpikes in last week in our area plus my own 3 samples over the 90s in just about 4-5 hours fishing the last two days. The condition of the fish has been great on most of them and they have been pretty strong and good fighters as well.

Also good to know is that we still experience a bit struggle with the massive loads of sea weed on many places, making the fishing a bit hard if you don't use proper baits and techniques.

For knowledge, those of you who want to join Blekinge Pike Festival this year has to apply soon since we see a huge interest this year with a lot of competitors already. Apply at www.blekingegaddfestival.se

Monday, August 20, 2012

Autumn season on its way


As you may now by now, pikesafari sessions is over for this year and yesterday a lot of camping guests left us. For me, this is a sign and feeling of that the fishing season is on its way to start once again. We have still about 25 degrees with a top yesterday of 28 degrees.

As you might now, when the fishing guts are strong, it doesn't matter what the weather is like. So was the case yesterday. 28 degrees, no wind and the ice cream shops were for sure happy for their sales. I went out in the evening for a short session before the sun went down. Tried out the new Real Eel's 30cm with good result! At first stop a long way out in the archipelago, it just took about 5 casts before a remarkable strong pike just under the meter got really furious on one of my eels. At first I expected the fish to be even bigger, but this fish was good conditioned and with a back thicker than a bull neck. Colours were amazing, a perfect sample of a typical Blekinge pike.

Well, I continued approx 50 meter and at this place I felt 2 small touches on my eel, I thought it was a bottom bounce on the stones but when the lure came closer to the boat I saw a huge follower! This one was really fat and by estimate around 110cm. With this fish in my mind, I started to cast like crazy in all directions nearby but the smart lady didn't expose herself again. Lucky for me though, it only took 5 minutes on a new spot and a 90cm fish more came up!

So, now I really look forward to season, Do you? :)


Friday, August 10, 2012

Pikesafari #7 2012

Rattle drums....... Bam! The last pikesafari for this season has comed to its end as we write friday morning. As last year, this last pikesafari wasn't really fully booked and only 4 boats with 15 anglers went out.

The weather didn't look to good during the day. Some showers and low north winds. I decided to go a bit further out this time, since we experienced a lot of sea weed during last pikesafari and the visited places. But honestly spoken, north side of Hasslö wasn't much to cheer for either. If possible, this place was even worse! If one cast out of ten went good without catching sea weed, well then it was pretty good. And as a "welcome here" we received a powerful rain shower just when we got there, luckily it stopped fast and the sun smiled at us for the rest of this evening.   

With this fact in our minds, I decided to go to place number two a bit earlier than estimated. Just before we went of, one of the boats managed to catch a 74cm fish and directly we realized that this fish was the one to beat. 

Continuously, we went a long drive to south of Dragsö. By then we had no wind to speak about and I realized that it was going to be a hard time finding any fish. I was kind of right, since anglers in my boat only caught a small cucumber.

Back at Dragsö the summary of this last pikesafari was going to be very short and easy. With only 5 pikes in total, the early 74cm fish won and 4 lucky anglers could receive the last nice caps for this season.

In total this summer, we managed to catch 123 pikes in 7 safaris. Something to break for next year!

Now a few weeks of preparation and ending the regular camping main season is approaching. 

Stay updated, because soon we're ready for another PIKE season!  


Friday, August 3, 2012

Pikesafari #6 2012

Friday evening at Dragsö and we are busy at the campsite since this is the last big vacation weekend in Sweden. With a full campsite the last couple of weeks, we also had a big group who joined the pikesafari yesterday.

With a total of 32 anglers, we went out west to the islands of Ivö, Utö and Ekeskär. Fishing started out slow in the approx 4m/s east winds. Both me and David were kind of surprised over the sea weed conditions out there though. Last weeks hot temperatures really did some "damage" on the pike waters since many usually very good spots wasn't even possible to fish at this time. So much sea weed that your lure barely touched the surface before you had enough sea weed to fill a good runned sushi bar.

Well, enough about that. In my boat we decided to make a quick last stop at the first place, which showed up to be a good decision. A few casts there and a 81,5cm fish completely inhaled a brown coloured jerkbait.

Lucky with the stop, all boats continued to the second place which this time showed up to be around Ramsö & Svinön, just west of Dragsö. At this place, I think most boats had better fishing and contact with pikes. Some boats did catch a few smaller pikes while some had a hard time finding something else than the never ending sea weed bunches. Personally, I also caught a perch of nice size before we went back to Dragsö.

In conclusion, 8 boats managed to catch 18 pikes this time, 5 of them in my boat while 2 boats stayed on the zero barrier. 81,5cm on the first place showed up to be the biggest for the day, followed by a 74cm.

Daniel 2, David 0. Good Times :)

                                                               David instructs where to go