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Thursday, September 21, 2017

A fishy week

Mid September is always a popular time for anglers to visit our camp and the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona. This year has been no exception. Last week we had anglers coming from Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France.

Returning guests in Lemestre company had an amazing first day of fishing since they caught more than 80 pikes in one boat, one day. After six days of fishing they ended somewhere around 250 pikes caught. Two pikes over +100cm and a few just under the three digit mark. Sounds like a very nice stay to me!

Most guests reported about 5-15 pikes caught per day two weeks ago. Some boats even better and some boats had tough fishing with only a few fish some days.

We also arranged several guided trips last week. Half day trip last Friday resulted in only six pikes of quite small size in the boat. Saturday gave 21 pikes with a top fish of 97cm. Sunday we had 8 pikes caught during a half day trip with top fish measuring 95cm. Conditions was very difficult with sun and a mirror calm sea all morning.

During Monday this week we arranged a half day fishing trip for a Swedish company. Once again not the best conditions with low north winds. However, pikes was active this day and we caught 22 pikes on five anglers, in about three hours of fishing.

Earlier this week we've got reports from several guest boats with amounts reaching up to 70 pikes in one boat, one day. Excellent numbers for sure and very positive reports regarding the pike fishery in our area.

Today we have about 20 guests arriving for a weekend of fishing. About 20 more has been here since Saturday and will leave us in a few days after a week of fishing. Currently, the guests on site is from Sweden, Denmark, Latvia and Hungary.

Furthermore, our caretakers has been renovated all bedrooms in the exclusive cabins during last few weeks. Now all of them looks much better with white coloured walls and beds. For sure a very welcomed change.

In a little more than a week from now Blekinge Pike Festival is arranged. Around 300 anglers will start from Dragsö as usual. It's going to be an exciting weekend! :-)

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mid September update

New week and time for a new report regarding latest days of fishing. Earlier this week I went out fishing together with my colleague Willy and also Philip (Stinger Productions). Clouds was covering the sky all day long and some very light rain was falling during some parts of this Tuesday. We begun in a big bay where we know big fish is around but this day we didn't find them here. Only a few small followers showed up so we continued to a new area after about an hour.

At our second stop we finally found active pikes. The average size of these pikes was very low and many laughs was shared when pikes between 20-40 centimeters was coming up frequently. We for sure found the kindergarden of pikes! However we also caught two pikes just under 90cm which is considered to be a decent size even for us. In about six hours of fishing we caught 35 pikes so the amounts was quite good this day!

With north winds, cold night temperatures and not much sun lately, water temperature has now dropped to be more "autumn friendly" temperatures. About 12-14 degrees in most areas at the moment.

This weekend we've had about 25 anglers for a fishing weekend and a few more coming for a week of fishing. Most groups that left today experienced slow fishing. Weather has been terrible with lots and lots of rain. Both Friday and Saturday was raining and during some parts of these days there was no wind at all. Not easy but some boats did OK with approx 10-15 pikes in one boat, one day.

Lemestre arrived yesterday, a guest who has been visiting us for many years and comes every autumn. They always spend a lot of time on the water and knows where and how to fish. Yesterday they caught 22 pikes in a half day and today they had 25 pikes during the first half of today. Really good since conditions is a bit of a challenge.

About three weeks left until Blekinge Pike Festival (Blekinge Gäddfestival). Still we have some availability at Camp Dragsö and it's still possible to apply for this competition.

Upcoming week looks promising with 5-8m/s wind most days and cloudy skies. Let's hope that the forecast for once is correct :-)

And hey! Don't forget to contribute in our annual photo competition! If you have visited us this year, please send us your best, your funniest, or craziest (?) photos and take the chance of winning a unique handmade lure by Jenzza Lures. Winner announced on Facebook 1st of December. Pictures can be sent to info@dragso.se or daniel@dragsosportfishing.se

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A good start of autumn!

Hi guys!

The first weekend of September is coming to its end and during last few days we've had almost 50 anglers on site from Poland, Sweden and Denmark. All of them have now left Dragsö for this time and a few nice reports was shared with us.

The biggest fish this weekend was caught by a returning Swedish group, Eliasson with friends. They've been visiting us several times before with the target to catch a meter pike and finally they succeeded. A 110cm was caught today and the lads also caught a 94cm and 92cm pike during their stay. Not to bad!!!

Guests from Poland had variating results with best boat reaching 25 pikes in one day. Many guests reported about good amounts of followers but hard to make them strike. After a slow summer it feels good to hear that there has been some activity in the start of autumn season. Let's hope that pikes are willing to dance upcoming weeks.

A bit surprising was that best results was reported from a few bays, not around the islands or outer part of archipelago. Water temperature is still high in shallow areas, about 18-20 degrees while it's a few degrees less in the outer parts. Still a lot of vegetation ("spaghetti weeds") around islands so those of you who will come to us within the next weeks, bring some weedless hooks, they will come to use! In most bays there is no problem at all but many areas in middle/outer parts of the archipelago have frustrating amounts of weeds.

Next weekend we will have about 20 anglers coming for a weekend or week of fishing. Temperatures will stay around 16-20 degrees with north winds upcoming days, and south-west later in the week.

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Autumn fishing has started!

It feels almost like being a kid on Christmas. Fishing season is here! Therefore it's for sure about time to give an update regarding fishing in our area.

This is the first official fishing season weekend of the autumn and we're currently having about 50 anglers on Dragsö. About 60 guests from Poland but not all of them is here for fishing only.

Earlier this week I went out for some evening fishing with a trainee from the Sportfishing academy. We tried far out in the archipelago and had pretty good results! My second cast gave a strong +85cm fish and just after it another fish in about the same size. Kevin was soon hooked up with a better fish. For sure +90cm in stunning condition and awesome colour of the fish. Unfortunately, this lady knew how to deal with anglers and managed to spit out the lure just before Kevin could reach it. Even more unfortunate was that the treble hook went straight into Kevin's hand. After a quick surgery in the boat I managed to get the hook out of his hand and we could continue fishing. We ended up with nine pikes in just a few hours! Beastly tail did the trick (again!).

Local angler Felix shared some nice pictures on his Instagram account earlier this week. A 110cm + 103cm pike was caught in the archipelago a few days ago. Congratz!

Yesterday I had the first guided trip of autumn season together with a returning Swedish group. We tried in the east part of the archipelago, both in bays and at the coastline. Nine pikes was caught and we counted the amount of followers and bites to be 40. So in total we had contact with almost 50 pikes but they just didn't want to bite hard this day.

Also, yesterday one of the rental boats caught 25 pikes, most of them in a bay close to Dragsö. Not to bad!

Unfortunately, wind has now changed to be north and will continue to be like that for a few days. Most of times north winds is not what we prefer for pike fishing but we've been proven wrong regarding this many times, so we'll see what the results will be for our guests in a few days!

To be back with more reports next week.

// Daniel Wickman