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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hi guys!

Time for another update. Thursday is here and time for new anglers to come. This week we're having fishing guests from Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. Some of them are multiple time returning guests while other are here for their very first time.

To be honest, fishing has not been great during the past ten days or so. I think the main reason is because of weather circumstances. Lately, weather has been more like how it normally is in the end of June, rather than mid May weather. Warm nights and approx 20-25 degrees in the air, combined with more or less only sunny days and low winds, is not really preferable for pike fishing. Water temperature in the bays is now already up to 18-19 degrees which is a lot higher than last year at the same week.

Some decent pikes has been caught anyway by our guests. I would actually say that more big fish has been caught by our guests this spring than last year, but maybe numbers is a little lower overall. Below the text you can see several pictures of pikes caught last week or this week. Nice ones!!

Oh, and by the way. I have totally forgot to mention that we bought ourselves one more new Master500 boat with 40hp engine a little less than two weeks ago. This to be able to have one more reserve boat in case of any of our other booked boats breaks down for some reason. Good service huh?!

My upcoming days will be spent on the water since Friday, Saturday and Sunday is guided trip days. Hopefully we can manage to find some nice and wild pikes. A good thing with the fishing now is that most pikes are extremely strong fighters, so even the smaller pikes offer nice action.

Karlskrona was announced to be the sunniest city in Sweden last year. It wouldn't surprise me if that would be the case this year to because it feels like every day now is nothing else but sun sun sun. Nice for sunbathing, but I wouldn't complain if there would be a few days with some strong winds and clouds :)

Until next time, take care and have a fishy weekend!

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's getting better!

Mid May is here and we're having many anglers on site of course. As I mentioned in my previous post we had some guided events this week. Last Monday I was accompanied with Jens from Jenzza lures as we arranged a pike safari for a Swedish group. Weather was terrible with rain for many hours before our planned event. Unfortunately, this made the planned group much smaller since only 12 guests came out. Slightly less than the 37 that was on our list from the beginning.

Anyway, we went out for a few hours and tried our luck. It didn't take long until the first pike was caught in one of the neighbour boats. Shortly after that, a nice fish of 97cm was caught by a lady in the next boat. Normally a fish of this length would win the prize for longest pike during the pike safari event, but Jens wanted something else to happen. On the second place he shouted to me "This might be a +10kg pike!" and he was right! I went to help him out together with my boat competitors and it was for sure a great fish. 109cm and 10,6 kilos caught on a Wolfcreek shad. Excellent finish of the pike safari!

Some more nice pikes has also been caught last couple of days by our week-long visitors. First returning guest Maurice sent me a picture of a nice 103cm fish and then Mike from France reported about a couple of meter pikes also, with the biggest fish measuring 107cm.

It seems like fishing results are improving for every week. Some days is still a bit tricky but many days now offer good fishing for sure. Best boat this week reported about more than 50 pikes in one day!

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Peak season update

Hi guys!

It has for sure been some busy days lately with many anglers visiting us. Many duties on my schedule forces me to write a little less in the blog than what I normally prefer. Last weekend we had more than 70 anglers at the same time and this weekend about 55 anglers. Some are here for a weekend while some stays on whole week packages.

Last weekend we had some crazy spring weather. Earlier last week we actually had snow one morning when I came to Dragsö, while the weekend offered us 25 degrees, no wind and sunny days. Almost like we got summer directly. This fact didn't give a positive effect on the pikes though since most days resulted in lazy pikes that either just followed our lures or completely ignored our attempts to catch them.

Overall, guests seemed to have a nice time anyway last weekend since weather gave most guys a nice "fishing tan" that will be remembered for some weeks. Only a few boats managed to reach more than ten pikes a day, while several boats had less than that. I also had three full day guided tours during last weekend and all of them resulted in ten pikes/day. No really big ones but still some nice days on the water.

During this week results is much better for most boats. Pikes has spread out widely now and can be found in bays, around islands and even in the outer part of our archipelago. Temperature raised quickly last week and now we can find waters with 15-16 degrees already.

A couple of days ago another monster sized pike was caught by our guests. Some Dutch guests managed to catch a new season best pike of 119,5cm in a shallow bay! Impressive fish and probably one of the longest pike caught in Karlskrona this spring. Hopefully I will receive some pictures of this beauty to share with you.

Numbers variates a lot between the boats these days. Some boats catch 6-8 pikes per day while others reach 30-35 pikes per day.

Today we welcome French returning guests in Krolik company back to our camp. They always catch good numbers and it won't surprise me if they catch new record numbers this year.

Next week we will have two big events. On Monday we're arranging a pike safari for a Swedish company. I think we will be somewhere close to 40 persons in total. Jens from Jenzza lures will assist during this event and I think we will have some nice hours out in the archipelago.

A few days later we will have Royal Fishing ambassador trip in Karlskrona. Together with PikeStrike Sweden and other guides and accommodations we will guide their guests around. Hopefully we can find some pike action and have some fun out there!

To be back with more reports.

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May is here!

Hi guys,

Like previous weeks we're quite busy at the moment with many anglers and regular camping guests coming. As you might have read in my last post, all boats were out last weekend and it's going to be a busy weekend this week also. Campsite is going to be completely full with holidaymakers, anglers and other guests from tomorrow. On Saturday 70 anglers will be here at most, coming from Sweden, Netherlands, Slovakia, Denmark and Romania.

Weather has stabilized a lot since last week and we're now having between 15-22 degrees and sunny weather most days. Fishing has not been great though, since many anglers reported very low numbers last week. A few boats managed to find the right spots and especially the Dutch group who caught several meter pikes. Pictures of their best pikes can be seen below.

I went out myself during the beginning of this week with OK results. No big fish but 15 on two anglers last Monday and nine pikes yesterday on two anglers and half day. We did see many pikes sunbathing, even big pikes, but none or few of them were interested in our lures. Water temperature is now between 10-12 degrees in most areas with a few places where the water is warmer or colder.

The first horn pikes were also spotted yesterday which is to be considered early, normally they arrive one or two weeks later. Why not try them out? Quite fun on light equipment!

Upcoming days I will be out on four guided trips, both half- and whole days. Looking forward to it! If just 50% of the pikes we've seen last days in the bays starts to bite, we will have a lot of fun out there. Maybe a couple of more degrees will make them go crazy.

Next report will most probably come next week, since time most days isn't enough to write in the blog.

Have a nice holiday and to be back with more fishy reports!

// Daniel Wickman