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Friday, February 27, 2015

Early bird boats!

As we have received many inquiries already about early spring fishing we have now decided to try to make a few boats ready as soon as possible (before regular opening 2nd of April). Hopefully we will have at least 2 boats ready for rental for next weekend already! So if interested stay updated on our Facebook page where we will make a post when boats are ready. The first boats that we drop in will be the Master500 so as usual these are only possible to rent with fishing packages combined with a cabin. +10kg pikes seems to be caught every weekend around Karlskrona now so take the chance to experience awesome spring fishing already!

Will be off work upcoming 2 days so my hooks will be wet in hunt for another beauty of course. Hopefully with a new report to share on Monday!

I wish you all a fishy weekend!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Excellent fishing!

No other header describes the current fishing situation better. Last Sunday I went out for 6 hours on my own in the fantastic early spring weather. 5 degrees in the air, partly sunny and wind was coming in from SW of about 7m/s. Conditions looked great in advance and It showed up to be good for the pikes!

I decided early where to go and arrived to the first place around 10AM after a lazy morning. Water was murky enough to not see the bottom on 1m of depth. I wasn't sure if the pikes were going to be active in these waters but my question was answered quickly. About 1,5 hours later I left the bay with 16 caught pikes in the boat with two 85cm on top. I continued on in the beautiful weather and enjoyed my time on the water.

Pikes continued to bite on my McRubbers and around 1PM a good fish decided to dance with me. I was fishing in a really shallow and less windy bay, just about 0,5-1m of depth when this lady took my lure close to the surface. Directly I understood that the fish was of better dignity and I felt lucky to have my big fishing net prepared in the boat. After a short but intense fight she was ready to go in the net. It's to be honest a little tricky to fight and land a fish of this size on my own but everything went smooth. I didn't realize at first how fat she was, but when I saw her in the net I thought for myself "Shit!! This one might reach over +10kgs!" so I decided to bring out the weight scale.

When I started to lift the net in the weight scale, a Super samson digital, digits were quickly running upwards two digits. The scale stopped around 11.7kg but without net I counted the fish to be at least 10.4 kilos and only 104cm. A really fat mama and spotless structure without any wounds. Beauty!

Happy with this result I continued fishing when I received a report about a massive fish caught in our area by local fishing team Karlskronafiske.com. Sun was about to go down by this time so I decided to make a final stop at a well known area that holds nice fish. Conditions looked great to fish here and it took not more than 3-4 casts until a massive strike appeared in the other end of my rod. I felt that this fish was of better size as well and the fish was actually pulling out a lot of line several times. This was for sure a 1m+ pike I thought for myself.

The pike didn't show herself until the very end of our battle. I saw a big and bright shadow coming closer and another meter pike was about to be landed. Landing the fish went smooth once again and after measuring this fish I took some quick photos and released another beauty. 104cm and good condition on this pike as well. Approx weight around 8.5kg.

To sum up I ended up catching 33 pikes, most of them on McRubber but also on Mouse spinning fly.

Back home in my flat I was reached with the news that team Karlskronafiske.com and Willy who worked here partly last year was the lucky guy to catch a monster of 14.03 kilos and 114cm! One of the biggest pikes caught so far this season in whole Sweden. Huge congratulations Willy!!

Karlskrona is HOT right now :)

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring season on its way!

Hi guys,

Spring season is approaching fast and soon our first boats are ready to hit the water. Dates are filling up fast in April and May. Interest for spring fishing is normally high, but this year interest is greater than ever. Many weekends and also weeks are fully booked already when it comes to packages including the regular Master500 boats. Interest has also resulted in need of employing more staff to Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. This to meet the expectations as being one of the greatest pike fishing camps and maintain good service to our guests.

Since ice is gone by far already we will start to drop in the first boats in first or second week of March. When they're in, we will start to welcome fishing guests for some pre spawn fishing. We will be posting on Facebook and on the blog when we are ready to host our first guests of this season!

Day temperatures now reaches 2-6 degrees so some days are actually really comfortable to be out there already. Hopefully I will be spending some time on the waters upcoming weekend so there will be some reports to share with you guys. Skilled angler Viktor from Karlskronafiske.com managed to catch a beuty of 106cm and 9.51kgs a couple of days ago so even the big mamas seems to be ready for some action.

If you haven't noticed yet we have now released our new homepage. It's still a bit under construction but we're getting there. Check it out! A new homepage in English will be up as well upcoming weeks. I hope you will like it.

// Daniel Wickman


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Season premiere

Hi guys!

Went out for a short fishing trip today since I was off work. Earlier this week we had some really cold nights with temperatures far below freezing point. This allowed a thin layer of ice to cover whole Borgmästarefjärden and many of the surrounding bays but fortunatelly it didn't last for long. Yesterday we had +5 degrees and partly sunny weather so ice went away quickly.

Since one boat is in the water already, I just jumped into it around noon with low expectations. Yesterday water level was -15cm below normal but during the night and up to today water level actually increased to +65cm!! With those facts in mind and strong winds from north, I said to myself that I would be happy to catch any fish at all.

My main purpose with todays scout was actually to just try my gear and clothes. I'm going to Rügen in Germany again next week so everything must be working without struggle. 2 first stops showed no life at all and water temperature was just around +1 degree. One more stop in a small bay showed up to change everything. In less than 2 hours I managed to have a real pike race and landed 16 pikes on my own. All on Mouse spinning fly. Water temperature here was actually almost 3 degrees so once again this just showed how important temperature differences could be.

The biggest pike measured 91cm and gave me a good fight for being in February and cold waters. Insane amounts of pikes was gathered in the shallow bay 0.3-1.5m since I did see at least 40-50 pikes just following the lure or sun bathing on the sand bottom. 16 pikes in 3,5 hours is not to complain about a day like this! Great start of the year for sure and also good to ease a bit on my fishing abstinence..

I was also told that a very nice pike of 109cm and 10.6 kilos was caught today in Karlskrona by some young lads fishing with waders from shore. Great catch!!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, February 2, 2015

Open waters with a winter twist

After a long time of inactivity it's now about time to do something about it. A new year is here and by that also a new season approaching. A well needed vacation is just ended and my cravings for pike fishing is up to its high limits right now. I hope and think that it's the case for many of my fellow readers out there as well.

It's still some time until the fishing season starts for real but we actually have open waters around Karlskrona already. So far it has been a warm winter and only a few days has been cold enough to create ice in the surrounding bays. Not more than to break up days later though. Water temp is around 1+ degree at the moment but some cold nights is waiting with temperatures down to -7 degrees so still we can't expect to have open waters for the rest of this winter and early spring.

But as you might understand, open waters means fishing possibility so several local anglers has been out fishing lately with variating results. One fishing team, Kalmarsundsportfiske, tried their luck yesterday. They caught 44 pikes on 5 persons and reported on Facebook about good average size with 10 pikes above 4kgs. My friend Jesper also reported about 2 pikes above the meter margin last week so for sure there is pikes willing to bite out there.

Since weather situation is a bit tricky with unstable temperatures we will wait for some time until we push our first boats into the water for early season fishing enthusiasts. It should not be to far away though. 5 of our Master500 boats are ready after service so when time is right it won't be long until they're in the water.

Some news are already presented for this upcoming season but to once again remember about them, they are as follows;

- Reval440 boats replaced with Linder440 aluminium boats (Basic packages)
- On site restaurant have new owners and will now be open partly during fishing season as well!
- All packages with Masterboats now includes Lowrance chart plotter rental
- New homepage
- Improved lure selection in reception
- Many cabins will have new sofas, furniture, mattresses and shower cabins
- More to come!

Continuously, I just updated myself with the booking situation at the moment and found out that interest for spring fishing is bigger than ever before. Several weekends is already fully booked when it comes to packages with Master500 boats and we receive daily inquiries for fishing packages. So if you are in thoughts about going fishing this spring, especially in May, it's high time to make up your mind ASAP to avoid disappointment. The same when it comes to guided tours, dates are filling up (to my delight!).

I hope to see you guys some time during the season, and stay tuned for more news and posts. Since I'm back at work activity will be going up onwards both here and on Facebook/Instagram.

If you have any kind of feedback, advice or thoughts please do not hesitate to conact me at daniel@dragsosportfishing.se. Pictures are always very welcomed as well as storys and fishing reports. The more reports that I receive, the more I can share with you guys.

Finally, I sum up this post by sharing a picture from last week when I was fishing in Asia. A giant mekong catfish gave me a good fight. Approx weight of +80lbs!

// Daniel Wickman