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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Time for update!

Hi guys,

It's been a while since last post and finally I've got some time over to make an update for you.

Some days ago the group from France left us after a week of fishing. They ended up with a stunning result of 831 pikes on 9 anglers, 6,5 fishing days. Unfortunately no meter pike but several nice fish in the upper 90's. Some mixed photos of their stay can be seen below this text.

We also hosted CA Worldfishing from Czech Republic during last weekend and as I mentioned in previous post I went out for some fishing with them. In 4 days they caught a few nice +90cm pikes and seemed to have a nice time while evaluating our product for their clients. Many pictures from their visit can be seen via our Facebook page where I've linked to their photos. Take a look, several nice pics!

Furthermore, we've been having very strong winds last two days from north. Up to 20m/s in squalls. Luckily, strength has decreased during the night so hopefully all 7 teams this weekend will have good fishing upcoming days.

Also to be mentioned is that our returning guests from Belgium managed to catch a meter pike in the strong winds the day before yesterday. Really hard conditions but still they battle on out there and got rewarded.

A guided trip is booked tomorrow with Swedish guests so hopefully we can manage to find some hotspots!

Will be back later on this weekend with a hopefully nice report from this very last weekend of fishing in May.

Until next time, stay well!

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, May 23, 2014

Yes! Frenzy!

Friday afternoon and most cabins and boats are booked at Camp Dragsö. Tomorrow the record holding group of amounts from last year in Krolik company leaves us after a 7 day visit. Last year they managed to catch 845 pikes during their stay and they will probably not be to far behind this year either. With one day of fishing left they were up to 669 pikes devided on 9 anglers!

Also received pictures today of the 10kg+ pike from last weekend caught by Swedish guests. Really nice pike for sure and one of the biggest this spring season.

At the moment we are hosting CA Worldfishing from Czech Republic who are here to check out our product for their clients. Went out fishing with them today and had okey results with a nice 93cm fish on top.

Will be back during the weekend for more reports and pictures from our pike frenzy period!

// Daniel Wickman


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Biggest pike of spring season!

Hi guys,

Back on work after a couple of days on the water on my own. We've been having hard fishing conditions last couple of days with 22+ degrees in the air, mostly no wind and clear waters. But wind has started to pick up a little today and will be increasing during the night as well so it starts to feel really good!

Yesterday I received two very nice reports. One of them came from returning guests from Latvia. Kislina and his friends managed to catch a season high pike of 114 centimeters! This pike was caught in shallow water on a small spoon in blue/white/black colour. Great catch!!

The other report came from Ingemar who have been fishing with me twice on guided trips last two years. He sent me a picture yesterday of a stunning pike of 115cm, 13.8kgs! New personal best of course and really nice fish!

Upcoming days we will have many fishing guests here and hopefully many reports to follow during the week!

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big pike and propeller disaster

Another week is coming to its end and we've been quite busy since most boats have been out since Thursday. Fortunately, everything has been working well and some groups did very well during their stay. Biggest pike of the weekend was 110cm with a weight of 10.16 kilos. A beautiful pike caught on a Buster Jerk in natural colour. Will be back with a picture of this pike as soon as I've received it to my mail box.

Yesterday we also said hello to returning guests from France who last year beat our camp record in amounts. 845 pikes, 9 persons and barely 7 fishing days. Of course these numbers will be hard to beat but after their first half day of fishing in bad conditions (sun and no wind) they had 63 pikes with a top of 96cm. Not a to bad start!

They also had an encounter with a fishing net in their propeller which forced them to tow each other into the camp again. Unfortunately, there's a lot of fishing nets in our surrounding waters right now and a lot of them are not marked properly. Hate it, but there isn't much to do about this matter other than contacting the police/coast guards.

Will be off work for two days now so hopefully I will have some nice reports to share with you guys later on in next week!

// Daniel Wickman


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nice Dutchie pike!

Hello guys!

Today 5 groups arrived to Camp Dragsö for their fishing holidays. This time, actually all of our guests that came today have been here before. With this fact in mind I both hope and think that catch reports will look good upcoming days.

I went out for a guided trip this morning with Marnix and Stephan who also have been here many times before. To be honest, fishing wasn't great but back at Dragsö we could sum up 7 pikes in the morning trip. Top pike measured 81cm in the sunny weather and we had a nice time out there. Look at the colours of that 81cm fish on the last photo!

Later this afternoon Klarenbeek with friends are returning their boat after fishing since Saturday. Yesterday I received a nice message from them with some photos of a great fish just below the meter margin. Who knows? Maybe they have even more pictures to share tonight?!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mid May Frenzy?

Hi guys,

A new week is here and since we're in the middle of May now, we all know what this means. It's high time for some major pike action! Fishing is getting better and better both with amounts and sizes at the moment.

We are having two groups of Dutch guests for the whole week and upcoming weekend we will say hello to returning guests from France, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. A busy weekend with, hopefully, good fishing! Returning groups from Latvia and France caught fantastic numbers last year so it will be very interesting to hear about this years results.

Overall we have water temperatures between 10-13,5 degrees in most areas that surrounds Dragsö which is a good temperature for the pikes to be active in. I do receive reports about pikes that still drops eggs in the boats but those are very few. It should also be mentioned that pikes has spread out widely. We find them even as far out as you can go in the outer part of the archipelago as well as in the bays. Best fishing is still in 1-2 meters depth.

Went out the day before yesterday with Dutchies Kees with company on a guided trip. They have been here before and last time two years ago they caught about 70 pikes in their week visit. On their first two days this time, including the one day trip with me, they already reach 45 pikes which is a pretty good number. Biggest pike measured 95cm on the guided trip. Close to 100, but not close enough. Lads will for sure keep hunting for the three digit fish upcoming days!

For sure this is going to be a very interesting week!

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, May 10, 2014

There are ups and downs

Hi to all,

A new weekend is here and a lot of anglers are spending their fishing holidays at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing at the moment. During the week we've been having returning guests from Sweden and Netherlands but to be honest, fishing has actually been a bit slow this week. Some days very good but last couple of days not that good. A few days some guests has reported up to 40 pikes in one boat but there's been more days with 5-10 pikes/day and boat.

My myself experience the same resulsts during this weeks guided fishing trips. Some spots are holding good amounts of pikes while a lot of normally good spots don't deliver pikes at all. A few pikes just under the meter has been caught during the week but no meter+ as far as I know.

Furthermore, I still receive reports about pikes that hasn't been spawning yet. Those pikes are few, since most are done by far. But it's remarkable anyway, since we're in mid May soon and water temperature shows 12-13 degrees.

Anyway, weather looks good right now with moderate winds from S/SW and today I went out for a guided trip with Tor and part of his family. Since they are beginners, even the small pikes got their interest. But small was not the only ones that we caught. Tor managed to catch a new personal best and after a good fight a beutiful spawned pike of 102cm - 8,45kg was laying safely in the net. Some pictures later she could swim back and both me and our guests got really happy of course to see this fish go back and the experience of fighting such a big fish will stay in their memories for a long time!

At the moment we are having all boats out for fishing so hopefully fishing will be good for our guests!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We're on Instagram!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to inform you that we from now on can be found on Instagram as well. More photos to be found than just on the blog which in my opinion is always nice! Just search for dragsosportfishing to follow us there as well! Of course you are more then welcome to contribute with pictures. Anything from a nice catch to hangout outside your cabins. Pictures can be sent to daniel@dragsosportfishing.se 

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday pike scout

Monday is most weeks my day off work and so even this week. Of course a day off work in my book is equal to fishing and today was no exception.

Morning started out with no winds so I took the opportunity to relax by some islands with a little fishing and just hanging around. Around noon wind was increasing so I tried a bit harder and found pikes at almost every stop. I began far out in the archipelago and luckily there were plenty of pikes, even good sized ones, out there. All of them were not eager to bite since most of them just curiously followed my lures.

After I landed a small 75cm fish both number and sizes increased quickly. A fish a few centimeters under the three digit margin took a 6'' Relax in green/motoroil colour and gave me a hint of how this day was about to go on.

Back at Dragsö I could sum up a total of 17 fish with several really nice fish as you can see on the pictures below. Hopefully they will be over the meter margin next time. It should also be mentioned that I lost a B I G fish by the boat, estimated size 105cm - +8kgs.

Best lures today was Svartzonker Mctail with Bigtail, Relax 6'' in motoroil colour and Svartzonker Big Mcmy.

And hey, check out our Facebook page or our YouTube channel to see a great clip from our Dutchies Pascal and Dennis who filmed a catch of a 101cm pike!

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, May 2, 2014

Busy weekend

May is here and we are looking forward to a busy month of fishing with a lot of guests coming here within upcoming weeks. At the moment all of our Master boats are out for both weekend and week long rentals.

Fishing seems to give variating results each day and I have to say that all pikes are still not done spawning yet. Went out yesterday with my parents and caught 8 pikes in less than 2 hours of fishing. 2 of them still dropped eggs in the boat.

This is probably why I don't hear any crazy reports like +50 pikes in one boat yet. Most anglers reports between 10-30 pikes per boat and day which still is okey numbers, but not crazy. A few pikes just over the meter margin has been caught by our guests last couple of days and a bunch of +85cm.

Just received some really nice pics from our returning skilled guests from Netherlands, Pascal and Dennis, who managed to catch approx 120 pikes during their one week stay with a handful of really nice pikes. A few of them can be seen in the end of this post!

As mentioned earlier, not all pikes are done spawning but I would estimate that at least 90% of them are done. Most fish that we catch now is actually in decent condition in average, so obviously they are eating quite well. It seems like best fishing has been in the bays still even though we find fish almost in the whole archipelago now.

Herring is still inside the harbour in huge numbers so I bet the pikes around there feast in great food right now.

More reports to come on Sunday or Monday when I've got reports from our guests who fish here over the weekend.

Stay well!

// Daniel Wickman