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Friday, July 31, 2015

Pikesafari #6 2015

Hi there!

Yesterday we arranged this summers sixth pikesafari and it was once again a fully booked tour which means 10 boats and 40 anglers. For once the weather conditions looked good with moderate winds between 4-7m/s from SW/W and cloudy. Water temp was around 16-17 degrees and just a few degrees warmer in the air.

We went far west this time to the islands called Ivö, Utö and Ekeskär just south of Tromtö. Several boats started to battle fish directly and my boat as well. My first cast gave one pike, second cast a bite, third cast another pike but still small ones. I was accompanied by a Swedish family this time with two youngsters and their dad.

At first stop we managed to catch 5 pikes in my boat and we also heard that another boat was already up to 9 pikes in the first hour of fishing. Excellent numbers!

Second site was closer to the city. To be more specific we fished the area between Kobebus and Bergaholmarna which is located just south of the city. Fishing continued to be good and we managed to catch a total of 10 pikes just in my boat. Fish was caught on classic wobblers, Relax 6'' in motoroil, Real eels and more. Overall there was lucky anglers that came back to Dragsö after some hours on the water.

Back at Dragsö we summed up a total of fantastic 50 pikes on 40 anglers and my colleague Jakob caught the biggest fish of 81cm, while my boat caught a 78cm.

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Action in July

Hi guys,

So finally it's time to share a little fishing report from some of my days of work. Last couple of days has been spent on water. Sunday for an afternoon scout and Monday together with my friend and many time visitor Jakob. During Sunday I tried the outer part of archipelago and did so with good results. Weather was far from normal in July since both air and water temp was 14-15 degrees and strong winds up to 17m/s in squalls from west.

I was fishing upon a weed bed of 1,5-3 meters with a Big Mcrubber in motoroil colour, shallow rigged. During first 30-45 minutes I managed to catch a few decent pikes of 94, 86, 83, 82 and 81cm. All of them striked almost up in the surface so several times you could see a shadow coming behind your lure just to strike hard the next second. I ended up with about 13 pikes in about 4 hours.

The day before yesterday I fished together with Jakob as I wrote earlier. We went out for a few hours in the morning and also a few hours in the evening. In total we ended up with 18 pikes and the longest pike measured 87cm. We tried both in the outer and middle part of the archipelago. Most pikes was caught on Wolf Tail Jr, Real eel 30cm, McTail with bigtail and Big Mcrubber in motoroil.

Weather is still cold for being July so hopefully we will have good results tomorrow on the pikesafari!

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pikesafari #5 2015

As usual time is flying away and it's already time to write another pikesafari summary. Yesterday was our fifth safari of this summer and we were fully booked almost a week in advance. Unfortunately, 5 persons in the same group made a very late cancellation and by that stopped other anglers from participating since many guests wanted to join this week.

So in total we were 10 boats and 35 persons going out. Once again weather gods wasn't on our side. Very windy again with average of 9m/s and squalls up to 17m/s from SW/S. This is hard weather conditions even for me so you can understand how difficult these conditions might be for beginners.

I decided to go west of Dragsö to the area between Svinön and Ramsö island. A bit wind protected but still waves and water kept coming over board due to the strong winds. At the first site I managed to catch a small ''cucumber'' quite fast on a Relax 6'' Motoroil. We moved a bit and had one more pike on the first site and also a few more bites. Some other boats did good and 4 pikes at best in one of the boats.

After one hour we continued a bit more west to the area between Haglö island, Skillingenäs and Varö island. Conditions got a bit better since wind strength decreased a little and made our last 45 minutes a bit more comfortable. We managed to catch a few more pikes in my boat and also lost a couple by the boat, no big ones though.

With about 45 minutes left I had a phone call from a guest who were unlucky enough to join the propeller breaking club. All those Propulse blades are now on the bottom of the baltic sea. To be honest, It's a pleasure to be able to tease season stay guest Anders for being part of the propeller breaking club now :-)

Since we didn't go to far we could fish for a little more than one hour on second site before we headed back to Dragsö. We summed up the evening at Dragsö and in total we caught 25 pikes but the big ones didn't show themselves this evening. Biggest pike measured 75cm so a lot of the other pikes was in kinder size.

Now I will pray to the weather gods for more pleasant conditions next week as we expect to be fully booked and 40 anglers.

Take care guys and thanks for reading!

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pikesafari #4 2015

Hi guys!

A slightly delayed summary this week, but that's how it is when the camp is being very busy with more than 1300 guests staying with us at the moment.

The day before yesterday we went out for this summers fourth pikesafari and we did it with 8 boats and 32 anglers. Weather conditions was a bit hard for beginners since wind was strong from SW with 8m/s in average and up to 15m/s in squalls and decreasing strength during the night. The sun was shining and temperature this time was about 21 degrees.

We decided to go east of Karlskrona city and begun around Verkö and Tvägölja island. Wind caused some big waves out there and it was literally a battle to fish against what mother earth brought us. In my boat I was accompanied by two young lads with their grand father in Helmersson family. We had several contacts and fish in the boat during the first stop on different lures such as classic jerk baits and real eels. About 5 fish in our boat and other boats seemed to have some pike action as well.

After about an hour we continued to the same area as last week. This means we tried our luck between Basareholmen, Mjölnareholmen and Kalsholmen. Since the wind direction came from S/SW the city of Karlskrona gave us a bit of protection from the worst waves. On our way there I think everyone got a bit of a shower from the Baltic sea since wind combined with the high waves brought some heavy showers over board. Anyhow, In my boat I managed to catch a 88cm pike almost directly on the new site and immediately we understood that this might be a winner pike.

We continued on and caught a few fish. Not as good as the first place but still some activity. A neighbour boat started to yell and we could see from distance that they caught a decent pike. Our second instructor Jakob was also nearby and helped out to assist them with photos and measurement.

Back at Dragsö it showed up that their pike measured about 85cm so it was a tight call between their and my fish. The company in my boat received winner caps and left with smiles on their faces. In total we reached 27 pikes and 88cm as our biggest of the day.

Next week is almost fully booked already so we will most probably use a total of 10 boats and 40 anglers! Looking forward to it and maybe, maybe there will be a report from fishing on my own in the beginning of next week :)

Best regards,

Daniel Wickman

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pikesafari #3 2015

Hi there!

So another week has been passing by since our last post and this means it's time to post another pikesafari summary! Weather in Karlskrona has been crazy since last week. During Saturday and Sunday we had really warm temperatures, up to 32 degrees and almost no wind. Sunny days and many many boats out in the archipelago. When this week started, weather changed dramatically and just like that temperatures dropped to below 20 degrees in daytime and very windy. For 5 straight days we'vre had average wind strength of approx 9-11m/s and up to more than 20m/s in squalls.

Yesterday was no different from previous days. Only up to 18 degrees and up to 18m/s in squalls. Just when we were about to leave Dragsö at 18:00 rain was starting to pour down on us. Tough conditions for sure and not the best for pike fishing either. Since wind was strong from west I decided to go to islands Koholmen, Mjölnareholmen and Basareholmen which are located just east of town.

With 9 boats this area gave us good space to fish for a little more than one hour. Fishing was difficult due to the strong winds since it was very hard to get a grip with anchor at any site. A few pikes was caught though but the action in my boat was not to much to cheer for. This day I had 3 young lads following in my boat and they all tried good to catch some pikes. First site only gave 1 pike for our boat and size wasn't even worth mentioning.

Second site for this evening was the whole Borgmästarfjärden which is the area between Dragsö and city of Karlskrona. A lot more comfortable for sure since this area is a bit wind protected. Fishing wasn't great here either but one of the lads in my boat caught his first pike in the end of this tour. Again size wasn't great but still a nice experience!

Since Jakob was home with a cold, Willy followed this pikesafari to help me out with all the boats. Everything worked good and guests seemed to have a nice time overall even though the total score was not more than 17 pikes on 35 anglers.

Biggest pike of this evening measured 86cm and actually 2 pikes more measured above 80cm mark so it was a tight race on the goal line. Anders and Janne with company received winner caps and replaced their old ones.

Now we hope to have better weather conditions next week!

I also received a report from Ludwig, a young Swedish lad who joined in for pike safari last week. His family rented a boat from us and they did some fishing on their own. Ludwig caught 14 pikes during 2 days and biggest fish measured a bit over 6kgs and 90cm. He also sent me a few pictures and they can be seen down below!

// Daniel Wickman


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pikesafari #2 2015

Hi guys,

Time for another pike safari update! Earlier tonight we finished our second pike safari of this summer and we did it in stunning weather. All day sun and low winds from south. Good conditions for sun bathing and ice cream eating. 24 degrees, no clouds. I know a few who will wake up with red noses tomorrow! But for pike fishing? Well as you might know it maybe isn't the best conditions but sometimes fishing shows up to be the complete opposite.....

With only 14 participants I decided to go to a smaller area than previous week. Since we were no more than 4 boats we got plenty of space to fish around Haglö/Varö island a bit west of Dragsö.

In my boat german guest Jürgen joined in as well as Ingvar with his daughter for their 104th (!) pike safari. We managed to catch 5 pikes during first hour and lost a few ones.

We gathered up and continued on to the islands just south of the city called Kobebus and Bergaholmarna. It wasn't to successful since my boat only caught 1 more pike there and the other boats seemed to have low numbers also.

Back at Dragsö we summed up our results during the evening. In total we managed to catch 14 pikes in total with the biggest fish measuring 64 cm. Winner fish was caught on a motoroil Relax 6'' by me on the first site so all guests in the boat was rewarded with winner caps!

Upcoming days looks to be very warm and sunny so it won't be any fishing on my schedule upcoming days... Sunday & Monday will be my days off work so then it will be some time spent in the hunt for summer mamas :)

Until next time, stay well and enjoy the sun!

// Daniel Wickman