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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Skickat från min Samsung Mobil

Dubbel hugg!

Skickat från min Samsung Mobil

Daniel Wickman levererar!

Skickat från min Samsung Mobil

Patrick E Olsson levererar!

Skickat från min Samsung Mobil

Skickat från min Samsung Mobil

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skickat från min Samsung Mobil


Inget än men tre hugg.... 

Skickat från min Samsung Mobil

Vb: BGF del 1

-------- Ursprungligt meddelande --------
Ämne:BGF del 1
Från:"andreas.berg" <andreas.berg@dragso.se>

Registreringen är på full gång, nu kör vi! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Good rehearsal


At the moment our guests are dropping in one by one, loaded to their limits with fishing gear and full of good spirit. Tonight all cottages&boats are handed out and the festival feeling is strongly increasing.

Me myself has been out last couple of days in morning time to get a good feeling for where to go on the festival. Today was a bit of an exception though since I headed to a creek not far from Karlskrona to fish for perch. I went out just when the sun was about to rise and a bit drowsy I was about to get fully alert in one of my first casts. Since I was out for the perch, I brought a light old Shimano rod with casting weight up to 15grams. This rod was about to do its work immediately since my third cast resulted in a huge strike and a fish that was pushing against the bottom heavily.

After a hard fight, I could lift a beauty of 104cm with my hands. The hook of a very small jig was perfectly positioned in the lip, avoiding the teeth to break my 0,26 flourocarbon line. Hopefully a sample like this one could grab my lures during the weekend!

Perch fishing was excellent by the way, 41 individuals was caught in just about 3 hours fishing. But those came a bit in the shadow in this story, as you might understand :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BGF just a few days away!

With just a few days left until this years edition of Blekinge Pike Festival, we are having a lot of work to do to have everything in its order when all anglers arrives. Approx 300 persons are starting from Dragsö this year, and loads of boats will be around when the start is going on Saturday morning.

As last year, we will be going out with two boats and both me and Andreas will be writing a bit on the blog during the competition, to give you the latest catch reports and how the conditions are and so on. Most of posts will be in Swedish because we are expecting lots of Swedish guests to follow the blog over the festival. We will try to post a few pictures as well!

As it looks on the forecast, conditions seems to be quite good, with 8m/s west winds and cloudy. This is about to switch many times before the weekend is here though since the meterologists ain't to good on predicting the forecast. Anyway, it seems to be better than last year at least since we had minus degrees on Saturday morning and no wind at all. Water was more clear than in Caribbean waters... It should also be mentioned that the water level is very high at the moment, which could affect where the pikes will stand in the weekend.

Stay well!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photo proof of the biggie!

To begin with, I have to say that fishing is still very good at the moment. Pikes are for sure hungry and willing to hunt. It's going to be a long winter as usual and pikes need to fill their bellys, just to make the cold winter. 

Today 7 boats was handed in and same amount of fishing groups who spent a fishing weekend here at Dragsö. Some boats had decent fishing while other really found them out there. A big load of 90s were landed and at least 2 pikes over the meter came up last couple of days. You have already heard about the huge 111cm fish caught this friday, and now we have recieved pictures of this biggie.

Mattias Granberg was the lucky angler who caught this sample and erased his old personal best twice(!) during his stay, with the 111cm as the new PB. The fish took a Buster Jerk in Pike colour on very shallow water, approx 0,5m depth, not far from Dragsö.

Camp Dragsö Sportfishing rewarded Mattias with a custom cap in red colour for his catch and we hope to see more of these beasts during the upcoming last weeks of this season.

To be continued!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

1 week to BGF!

Hello out there!

Today it feels like the rain is a never ending nightmare, since the clouds has decided to open themselves totally. Just about 10 degrees outside makes you wish that the summer should be just a couple of weeks away by now. But! For pike enthusiasts this conditions makes us feel that fishing is just getting better and better. With last weeks weather conditions, water temperature has decreased fast so just outside Dragsö we are barely having 13 degrees now.

Yesterday our skilled Belgium guests left us after one weeks fishing. Their total amount reached 150 pikes with top of 103cm and several fish above the 90's. Picture is from their last day of fishing when they found a spot of shallow water where they managed to catch several fish in the upper 90's. 

Moreover I also got information yesterday about a stunning 111cm pike caught by Swedish guests on the camp. New personal best for him and hopefully we will receive some nice pics of this beast later this weekend. Conditions is certainly looking good next week then BGF (Blekinge Pike Festival) is operated!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Up and down


Time for a new catch report from us on Dragsö Sportfishing. At the moment we are just having one fishing group here for a week long fishing vacation. These guys know the area well since they have been here several times before in autumn time. According to them, fishing is a bit hard some days and much better some days. This is what I personally have experienced the last couple of days as well.

Yesterday me and Anton had 30 minutes before the sun went down and I caught a +85cm on a white/blue 22cm shad. The day before yesterday Anton caught a 95cm, this was for sure the most ugly pike I've seen for a while. It was thin, the head was not in ptoportion with the body and the fish was also "albino" coloured on half of its body!

Our guests leaved me some nice pictures yesterday of their biggest pike so far this week. 103cm and this sample was caught in a bay of shallow water. I'm sure these guys will trick some more pikes up before they end their stay for this time on Saturday. Nicely done!

Tomorrow we'll get 5 more groups to Dragsö and more to come on Saturday. We look forward to more catch reports and hopefully some nice pictures!  


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amazing fishing for our guests

Since we have reached the weekend and Saturday this means we had some fishing companys leaving and arriving today. 6 groups left us a couple of hours ago after a week of fishing and also a few new ones just arrived. Some of our guests visited us for their very first time and some of them have been here for several times.

One of our guests from Poland told me today that he brought his friend here this week for his first time. He had told his friend that "I can promise you, we will catch a minimum of 30 pikes in my boat this week". Told and done, after the first day they had already reached 30+ pikes in his boat!

During the week we've had guests from Germany, Holland, Poland, Sweden and Belgium. Numbers of meter pikes has been low, just 2 meter pikes during the week but many samples around 95 and a few ones of 99 and 98cm. The amounts has been great though! In each boat (2-3 anglers) our guests had reached amounts like 190, 160, 143, 114 and a few boats with expected 100+ pikes in a bit less than a week of fishing. It's for sure numbers that you can't reach on so many places :)

One of our returning guests from Belgium left today with a fantastic report of 38 caught pikes in just about 4 hours fishing, 2 persons! A quite good ending of the week, since we had very hard winds yesterday. According to weather sites, we had squalls up to 26m/s and average wind of 16m/s yesterday and pikes moved into surrounding small bays where they was found in bigger numbers and being very aggressive!


Master with cig sockets

Hello my friends

During the past week we have worked with improving our boats a bit. Most of our boats has been up and cleaned from old barnacles and algae, to be 100% fit for fish the last month of the season. We also installed 12V cig sockets in all Master boats. This we made because more and more guests are using their smartphones with plotter programs to navigate in our archipelago. So for those of you who plan a fishing trip to Dragsö in the future, you are very welcome to bring your charger with cig mount to be sure having battery all day.

Furthermore, we have also bought a smartphone for rental with pre-installed Navionics plotter program. I could really recomend our guests to either buy this app when arriving here, or rent our smartphone which is pre-installed. Just "Plug&Play!". Navionics costs at the moment 189:- SEK, and our smartphone can be rented for either week- or weekend packages only. Cost is 360:- SEK for the weekend package and 630:- SEK for a whole week. As you can se on the picture, our smartphone is well protected for bad weather as well and can be used even rainy days.



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meter pikes rolling on


I've had a couple of days from work and of course been on the water these days. This time, with variating results. Went out with trainee Anton both days and our first day started out as we ended the last ones. That means we managed to catch meter pike once again! This time it measured exactly 100cm and was caught on a 45cm XXL-tail copy. We also had contact with a few more fish around the meter and caught some +80cm fish as well.

Our guests are catching good amounts of fish and at least one meter pike has been caught and also a 99cm. Temperatures are going up and down, since we had 7 degrees during the last night but approx 16 degrees just a couple of days ago. We still catch fish a long way out in the archipelago but the first samples has already been caught in the bays as well.

Blekinge Pike Festival is now FULLY BOOKED with a bit more than 2 weeks to the start. This means about 540 competitors and almost 300 of them are starting from Dragsö Sportfishing Camp.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fishermens camp!


Sitting in the reception after a morning guiding with two nice guys from Holland respective Germany. Fishing wasn't to good since we had very strange weather shifting during the night. Yesterday we had west winds up to 19m/s, which totally died off during the night. So this morning we had no wind at all and sunny weather. The pikes did for sure not appreciate this change and it took more than one hour before first pike came up.

We are at the moment having 8 of our boats out on the water and hopefully they will be successfull out there. Weather situation seems to be good for the upcoming days, with 4-6m/s S/SW winds and cloudy.

I'll be back in next week with more catch reports and hopefully some pictures!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meter once again!

Just came home after a short, but effective, fishing session after work with trainee Anton. 80 minutes later back at Dragsö we could sum up once more amazing fishing! This time we put focus on only big baits, such as pimped shads 30cm, Real Eel 40cm and such sizes of rubbers.

First strike, but miss, didn't take to long. We realized this could be a good evening session in a wind protected area. And thoughts was about to get real very soon. Big hit on my Eel showed up to be a starving lady of 100,5cm! After some quick photos she went back faster than a rocket, lucky to have her life retained. Second meter pike in a few days!

However, this wasn't all for tonight. 3 more nice pikes came up in size; 98,5, 97,5 and +90cm. Add a few misses to this and we are more close to reality. Fishing is HOT at the moment :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trainee success

Hi to all. I'm sitting and enyoing a big cup of coffee this morning and let my mind look back on yesterdays fishing trip. The day before yesterday we got company of Anton, a trainee from my former school Sport Fishing Academy, who is going to stay with us for the next 3 weeks.

Since this was his first visit to Karlskrona, he was more than excited to get out on the water after a day at the camp. As many of my own fishing trips, I try to explore "new" areas all the time and also visit places where I haven't been for a while. All to get good knowledge about where to recomend our guests to go. Still a lot of places are overloaded with different types of sea grass and chickweed.

We went out in the early evening with good expectations. The wind condition didn't let us fish around the islands in the middle archipelago this time as I first had thoughts of. Meteorologists must have had a bad day yesterday, since we expected 6-7m/s west winds but the truth was more like 10-11m/s and S/SW-winds. This didn't bother much though, since we continued to fish behind the islands to get some wind cover in the east part of the arcipelago.

Well first hour didn't give to much answers, as just one small cucumber came up on a 6'' yellow Relax shad of mine. But last two hours resulted in amazing fishing! We put the anchor in the middle of a small bay where the wind came in with good strength and started casting around. First a +80cm immediately took my yellow Relax shad again, and short after that Anton had a few missed strikes on a large shad in Yellow/Red colour (30cm!). Finally, a good strike for him and a nice estimated 95cm was seen in the surface. This lady didn't appreciate the celebrity of beeing seen so she decided to let go before we had a chance to land her. To bad, it was a nice fish! Anton did get his revenge just minutes later though, a thin 93cm was securely landed and measured.

After a few more bites, we continued on for the last 30 minutes of fishing, which ended in great success! Since the pikes today seemed to go for bigger baits, I decided to put on my 40cm Savage Gear Real Eel in purple colour. Third cast, BAM! 85cm fish who also took a jump with whole body above the surface. There were several more hard strikes, and I almost sh*t my pants just a few casts later when a 100cm+ fish came with super speed to hit my Eel when I was just about to lift it above the surface, leaving a smaller shower after herself. Just within all this excitement Anton gets a hard strike on a 45cm XXL softbait. Landed and measured this nice sample to be 102cm, 8.2kg. Not to bad, first time in Karlskrona and directly a meter fish!! :) Continiously, we also landed one more +90cm fish before we went back again.

Pikes are for sure ready for our arriving guests!        


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lovely September

We have now pulled away August from our calendars and are welcoming the pike month called September today. Upcoming weekend we will have a lot of fishing guests at Dragsö and hopefully the fishing can be continuously good. Me myself will have a few days of work in the beginning of next week so I will try out some places that I haven't visited for a while. It's allways good and appreciated to be able to give our new guests some tips and hints about where to go when they get here.

Futhermore, we will have time to look over the boats, all equipments and so on so everything is ready for the main autumn season. And remember, It's less than one month until Blekinge Pike Festival and guess if we are loaded to our limits for this! Hopefully we can perform well this year and catch some nice fish. All of our boats and lots of cabins are booked since long time ago. It will for sure be a good experience to meet all like-minded anglers.

Stay updated, I'm sure there will be some nice fish coming up during the week :)