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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pikesafari #5 2012

So another week is coming to its end and we have acomplished yet another pikesafari last Thursday. With 40 persons, we were fully booked and had a whole bunch of guests who didn't get a place this time. So for avoiding disappointment, make sure to make your reservation in time. 

Continuously, we had finally received sunny weather here in Karlskrona with about 28 degrees and almost no wind. With this conditions in our minds, we thought the fishing was going to be very tough this time. But what a miscalculation from our side. We went to the east side of Karlskrona and fished around the islands of Tvegölja as our first place. In Davids boat, one of the guys had never been fishing pike before. Imagine what? First cast, BAM.. Fish on and a good fight but maybe with a bit lack of experience, the pike won the battle and escaped after a few minutes fight. 

This pike was not the only one out there who obviously wanted to eat today though. Many strikes in both mine and surrounding boats in the first hour of fishing. At first, me and David had in our minds to try fishing in a (hopefully) coloured bay as second place, but with the good results of the first place we decided to go to a somewhat similar place as the first stop. 

With ten boats, we fished the whole area of Kobebus and Bergaholmarna just south of the mainland. This place usually delivers fish and did so this time as well. Back at Dragsö we could sum up a total of 28 pikes this wonderfull evening. If I remember right, the longest one measured 76cm. 

Unfortunate for our dutch returning fishing guests, who joined us for their first pikesafari ever, the evening didn't went that good. Low numbers of pike and a broken steering wire which ended their possibilities of driving the boat a short time before the end of trip. But I think the lads had a pretty nice evening anyway, at least I had close to laugh during the evening :)

Stay well and tight lines!

                                                                                    The one that got away


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pikesafari #4 2012

Saturday morning and my first day off work for a while now. It has become time to write a new summary of the pikesafari which was made the day before yesterday!

This time we was allmost fully booked even though the weather didn't look to good on the whole day before we went off. Light rain was falling allmost the whole day and temperature barely reached 20+ this day. When we went out the rain stopped though and it seemed like the weather gods once again had spared us from the worst weather.

Since we had a lot of boats with us, me and David decided to pick to big areas to insure that all boats could have their on fishing spots. First stop was far out in the archipelago, Bollöarna, which is located between Hasslö and Aspö. The fishing here was terrible this time though, just one or two pikes came up in one hours fishing distributed over 36 anglers. Rumours about a few big followers were told but this time the pikes overshined us.

Second place we tried out was the whole area of Smörpundsholmarna, just south-west of Dragsö. Even here the fishing was quite slow at the beginning. Just about 20 minutes before the end a few boats including mine found some pikes. In total we caught 17 pikes and I really think that 8-9 of those came up during the last minutes. A double strike in my boat and the boat next to us with a third going on as well made up our smiles a bit though!

Back at the camp we discovered that our special guests for this pike safari, a journalist of Swedish fishingmagazine Fiskejournalen, had caught the biggest pike of the day with a length of 74cm, beating the second place pike of 72cm.

Hopefully the pikes will be on a better mood next week, it feels a little bit like they are having a hangover period or something :)

                                                      Young lads with excellent landing and secure fight!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pikesafari #3 2012


A bit delayed this week but now it has become time to post the summary of our latest Pikesafari. This time we were fully booked, which means 10 boats and 38 anglers!

Since we had quite hard winds this time, I decided to fish in the nearby area of the mainland. With 10 boats in our company, we fished in a rather big area so all boats could have their own fishing spots. The small island groups of Kobebus and Kurrholmarna gave variating results in the boats. In my boat, we had a few pikes of small size in the boat before we gathered up to continue on to another place.

With tough winds we drove slowly west/north-west to an area called Skillingenäs. I experienced  that the fishing was a bit better here, but still no big ones showed up. In my boat I tried mostly with soft baits while my company in the boat tried hard with different jerkbaits and tailbaits. We almost reached 10 caught pikes in about 2,5 hours, with our biggest measured 70,5cm.

Back at the campsite we summed up the evening and results were variating. Some boats didn't catch a single pike, while some boats almost had a handful of pikes. For the very first time, at least what I know, we got a divided winner since two fish of exactly 70,5cm was caught! Approx 20 pikes got caught in total this time in the hard wind and most of them measured 50-60cm. Unfortunately, we had one guest who experienced how sharp the hooks are, resulting in a hospital visit after the pikesafari. He was on good spirit anyway though since he was sitting in one of the winnerboats, giving him one of our nice Pikesafari winner caps.

We look forward to the next pikesafari on Thursday! We still have availability for those who want to join us so don't hesitate to contact us!

Best Fishes,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time for some boat scrubbing


Hope you all are doing well in the summer and catching some decent fish. At Dragsö the campsite is full at the moment with happy vacation celebrates. With summer season comes the yearly returning barnacles (small white basterds who sticks to the bottom of all boats.) This dramaticly decreases the speed of the boat so at the moment we are scrubbing all our boats to get prepared for some soon fully booked pike safaris!

We have been trying Karlskronas new boat wash with good result. Fast and effective, exactly as we want it!

Here is a video of the first boat wash.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Pikesafari #2 2012


Another week has gone since last post on the blog and during summer this means it's time for another pike safari summary! Yesterday 20 anglers went out to chase our beloved pikes. We had twisting winds from north to north-east around 5-7m/s, not really the best conditions but at least we had some strength in the wind. Very cloudy and the rain was just holding itself on the right side of the clouds, leaving us dry for the whole evening. 

We began the evening on the east side of Karlskrona, just outside the ferry port, Kalsholmen. Fishing was quite good though, me myself caught a 66cm fish in the very first cast and the expectations immediately rised.  

The second and last place we tried out was the whole area of Borgmästarefjärden, just outside Dragsö. And guess what, small rubber baits once again fished better than jerks, at least this evening.    

Totally 21 pikes was caught and winnerfish measured 80,5cm caught by yours truly. Guess if this result made my evening, not so much for being the winnerfish of the pikesafari, but more for beating David, who was really confident of catching a bigger fish than me before we went out. Daniel 1, David 0! 

We still have vacancies for next weeks pikesafari so there is still possibility to join us next week!