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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fishy weekend in October

Rain is literally pouring down outside in Karlskrona area this Sunday in October. Leafs are coming of the trees and birds are migrating to warmer areas. Autumn is running by and actually we are only a couple months away from Christmas. However, pike fishing is still on many anglers minds at this moment. This weekend we had approx 40 anglers on site and three new arrived today for some days of fishing while "everyone else" is working.

Earlier this week I spent two days out on the water. Monday on a solo tour and resulted in 27 pikes caught with a top fish of 95cm. Pikes was mostly biting on soft baits around 17-22cm.

Tuesday was spent with my friend Martin and we had great fun. About 20 pikes caught. No big size pikes but still lots of fun as always!

Results was as most times variating this weekend but maybe even more last few days. Some boats struggled to find even a handful of pikes in one day, while others caught more than 40 fish in a day. A couple of guided tours has been on my schedule last few days with pretty good result. Same group of Swedish guys during Friday and Saturday got to experience a first day with about 30 pikes in the boat, with two big pikes reaching over 7kgs, giving a new personal best in the boat with a pike just under 8kgs (102cm).

Second day was a bit more difficult and in total we reached about 14 fish. Biggest one not measured but probably around 90cm.

About 20 new anglers is scheduled to arrive on Thursday for a weekend of fishing, while at least one more group will arrive during next weekend for a week of fishing.

Bookings are open for 2018 but also for the rest of this season (until the end of November). I hope to see you @ Dragsö soon!

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A weekend to remember

Another weekend is coming to its end and lots of anglers just left us after some days out on the water. As always with fishing there are good days, and there are days not that good. For sure this weekend will end up in the first category.

About 30 anglers has been visiting us during this weekend. A few more groups arrived yesterday for a week of fishing as well. I hope and think they will enjoy some good days out there. Several boats last few days managed to catch 30-40 pikes per day/boat. One group ended up with approx 90 pikes caught in a little less than two days and four anglers. I also received reports of several pikes per group with sizes between 90-100cm. Biggest fish reported by our guests measured 108cm and was caught yesterday.

I had three guided trips this week with a Swedish group. Our days offered very variating results. First day we caught 12 pikes, second day only six pikes, and the last day (Wednesday) we had 27 pikes in the boat with top fish measuring 102cm plus a few more reaching over +90cm. Mainly the fish was found in bay areas with depths between 1,0-2,5m.

Next week will once again be a busy one for us. Around 35 anglers will arrive on Thursday for a weekend of pike fishing. Guests will be coming from Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Germany and Poland.

Weather looks continuously good. Day temperatures ranging between 13-16 degrees, winds from west and water level about 0-30cm above normal. The good thing is that we've had same wind direction and high water level for about a week now and it continues. This is very good for fishing so hopefully it will remain this way for more days.

For me it's going to be a fishy week. A few days off work means fishing, and three guided trips on my schedule will hopefully result in some pike action as well.

We still have vacancy most weeks in November so for those of you interested in experience great autumn fishing for pike, don't hesitate any longer! Just book your trip and enjoy our beautiful archipelago (and the pikes in it)! 

To be back with more reports.

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mid autumn update

Hi there fellow readers,

About a week ago Blekinge Pike Festival was ended and lots of anglers left us. It didn't take long until new guests arrived though. During last Thursday we welcomed about 50 anglers who all came for a weekend of fishing. Most of them left today and their results was definitely variating a lot between the boats.

Some groups experienced very picky pikes several days. Other boats did better both in numbers and sizes. Results variated from 1 - 58 pikes caught in one day/boat. When it comes to sizes not many really big fish was coming up but several over +90cm.

During this time of the year I have many guided trips on my schedule. This year is no exception. Last Friday was spent with two Swedish guests. Conditions wasn't great with sparkling sun all day and wind moving around like a clock the days before. Still, we managed to catch 17 pikes in the boat so not very bad. Yesterday I only had a half day trip with returning Swedish guests. Pikes was for sure not willing to bite. Only three pikes was caught and just followers or very picky bites. Fishing isn't always easy :-)

According to several reports, and out of personal experience, best areas last few days has been the outer parts of bays where the depth is about 2.0 - 2.5m.

Pictures down below in this post is from this weekend but also from guests that left us last week and the week before.

From tomorrow I will have a new Swedish group out on the waters for the upcoming three days. Let's see what we can find out there!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blekinge Pike Festival 2017

Hi fellow readers,

During last weekend one of the biggest pike fishing competitions in northern Europe was once again arranged in Blekinge. This year was the 20th year anniversary of Blekinge Pike Festival and as usual we were fully booked at Camp Dragsö. About 490 anglers competed this year and all of them with one target, to catch one pike as long as possible. As always this competition was held over two days, Saturday and Sunday, and you competed individually. Top 20 longest pikes is rewarded with a price and there is also a winner announced for longest fish caught Day 1 + Day 2 together.

This year I was fishing together with Philip from Bläcksquid Inc (Former Stinger Productions) and Martin from Länsstyrelsen. We were out fishing for a day earlier last week and caught more than 40 pikes with a top fish measuring 97cm. We knew were to go during the competition!

Day one started out good with five pikes caught during our first drift. No fish of better size though. We continued to new areas and soon enough we were hooked up with bigger pikes. I caught a 97cm pike and directly afterwards Martin caught a 90cm. During the day we caught more than 20 pikes and I managed to catch a really nice fish of 105cm in extremely good condition! This fish was for sure going to end up in a good position. We enjoyed excellent food in the boat, shared many laughs and jokes. Good times!

Day two: We started at 07:00 this day. Both me and Martin wasn't in our best shape since a few to many beers was shared the night before. Anyhow, we went out and our day started very well. Philip caught a fish in his first cast, drifting over 2m of water. A fish well over 80cm and we were at the right spot. Minutes later Martin had a follower estimated to be more than 100cm. Right after that I caught a 86cm pike and also a 96cm pike. Good sizes and good fishing!

Both days was very windy, about 8-9m/s and maybe +15m/s in squalls from E/NE. We got very wet at some points when water was giving us showers when driving.

Our colleague Willy managed to catch a 93cm but the really big mamas stayed away this time, giving him a 39th place in total. My fish of 105cm gave me a 4th place in total but since I also caught a 96cm on day two, I finished 1st in the competition "Day 1 + Day 2 fish" with a total length of 201cm of those two pikes. The biggest pike overall was 113cm and caught by Andreas Nilsson. Excellent competition :-)

Next weekend will once again be a busy one. About 45 anglers arriving on Thursday for a weekend of fishing. Many guided trips is on my schedule this month, hopefully we can have some great fun out there!

// Daniel Wickman