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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Peak season coming to its end

As always May is one of our most busy months for sportfishing, and this year was no exception. Most of our boats has been fully booked for the last month or so during weekends, while some whole weeks has been very well booked to. However, the peak season is now coming to its end. We still have fishing groups coming for several more weekends in the next few weeks but no more super busy periods until autumn season.

Whole May has been very warm for being our area. Actually, sun has been shining more or less every day and very low winds overall. Since temperatures has been high, water temperatures also went up to about 18 degrees in the shallow areas already in the beginning of May which is very early to.

Results is always variating, and will always do. An estimated average catch per boat and day would be somewhere around 7-13 pikes/boat and day. A few boats reported up to 70 pikes in one day for one boat, while other boats in different weekends could report only a couple fish caught per day. In general it's no secret that the groups which spend most hours on the water, combined with having most experience of fishing in our area, is the groups who most of times reach the best results.

Many guided trips was booked in May this year. Results on these has been very variating. Normally, we catch between 5-15 pikes per half day trip and 10-25 pikes in a whole day but this month results was lower than normal. Some big fish was caught during the guided trips in May with the top pikes measuring 114, 105,104 and many +90cm.

Overall, whole May can be explained in one word. "FOLLOWERS!". This is in my opinion mainly positive. And what I mean is that more or less every group in May reported about many pikes just following their lures. It's for sure nice to know and learn that many groups experience that there is plenty of fish in the water, even though not even close to all of them has been interested to be caught. Last week during a guided trip I told my guests that we've had plenty of followers lately. So I decided to actually count the amunt of followers in the first area. During two drifts of maybe 150 meters each, we had 18 followers of what we could see, but only one of them was caught. Some days is simply tricky!

To all of you who have visited us during this spring. Please send us any pictures taken during your stay @ Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. This year we have three prices for the best pictures, and the winners is to be announced at December 1st. Take the chance to win a guided trip worth 3800SEK, or second price 1000SEK voucher as second price, and 500SEK voucher as third price. Vouchers can be used as part payment of any fishing packages next year. And the best thing, you can compete with as many pictures as you would like. There more pictures you send, the bigger is the chance to win!

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Karlskrona is on fire!

Many guests has been visiting us during this week and lots of fish has been caught. Results has been variating as always, some boats caught just a couple of fish per boat while others managed to catch up to 65 pikes per boat and day. Unfortunately, time is not enough to give a long report this time so I let the pictures speak for themselves. Biggest fish was 114cm and approx ten meter pikes was reported during this week.

Happy May!

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, May 4, 2018

Biggest pike this season

May is finally here and as most of you guys already now, this is the peak season for pike fishing in Karlskrona. There is no doubt that the interest is continuously high with approx 60-70 anglers visiting Dragsö this weeek. Tomorrow and Sunday will offer a bit crowded archipelago since Sportfish Masters is arranged over two days, with about 60 teams competing on Saturday and 50 teams on Sunday.

Last weekend was a busy one to, and many big fish was reported by our guests. At least ten pikes of more than 100cm was reported to us by guests, and most lucky was for sure Sören from Denmark. He managed to catch five pikes of more than 100cm during his stay over a few days. His top five was 115,112,107,105,101cm. Impressive for sure! And even more impressive was that the biggest fish didn't spawn yet and weighed in at 14,2 kilos. The biggest fish caught by our guests in many years.

As always at this time of the year, we receive many questions regarding spawning. Are they done yet? Where is the fish now? We see many fish but they don't bite! Yes, we have daily questions and discussions like these. It's always hard to tell where in the process the fish is, but I can for sure tell that not all pikes has been spawning yet. Many of them are done by now, but not all of them. We received the first reports of really slim pikes caught already three weeks ago, but we also receive reports more or less daily of either pikes caught that has not yet been spawning, but even more reports of pikes in "spawning mode" in the bays. However, the results are improving more or less every day, with better numbers coming up and more active fish.

Furthermore, about 20 pikes has now been marked with yellow tags in Karlskrona archipelago. All of them in two selected bays north of Dragsö. If you catch one of these, make sure to report this catch to the phone number printed on the tag.

More reports to follow shortly!

// Daniel Wickman