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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big pike report!

Reports keep coming and this time from Jesper in Fishing team 'Gäddstaun'. He went out for some evening fishing yesterday on his own and had some fantastic fish! This story was posted on their Facebook page late last night (translated into English).

"I'm sitting in front of my computer and still shaking of adrenalin. At first I thought I've had my best evening fishing for this spring but obviously I was wrong. Went out around 5pm without any sort of expectations. First hour of fishing resulted in one pike. Next place didn't deliver at all. Phoned my girlfriend and told her that I will be home around 6:30pm. Right after we hang up, an incredible evening started that I'm not going to forget for a while. BAM! 4kg fish, right after that a 6kg fish.

Okey, with this last fish I'll try a little more before going back. BAM! 8kg fish! What's happening?! It started to darken so I decided to pack my stuff. But, my eyes was keep looking at an edge that I just had to try before going back. 20 first minutes resulted in nothing but right after, something sick happened! BAM! I was fighting a good fish for 2-3 minutes and I kept looking if someone could come to help me. I didn't manage to get the fish up to surface. All of a sudden, everything stops and I realise I've lost the fish. You guys who have lost a big fish know the feeling when losing a great fish.

I had a look on my softbait and there wasn't even a tiny scratch, and stinger hook was still placed in the softbait. After a minor brakedown I'm starting over and in the sixth cast it all stops again! I'm starting to shake while I'm fighting the fish for 5-6 minutes. The fish continues to go rather close to boat engine and I pray to God everytime the fish fights under the boat that my line will hold. I grab my net and finally lands the beuty. YEEES! Instantly, I see that this is a real "Pig" (as we call the big ones). After some help with pictures from my mom who went down to help me, this beuty was swimming back. 112 cm and 10.1 kilos. This was a magic night!!"

The fish was caught on a 3D Herring Shad in Black/Herring colour. Nicely done!!

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Record to be beaten?!

We're in the middle of a busy fishing week by now with plenty of boats out. Weather conditions are variating from day to day. One day we're having sun with barely no clouds and the next day we get rain&lightning with great winds.

Even though the weather changes, fishing seems to be great. Still we miss the really big samples but a few nice fish is coming up. Yesterday at least one meter pike was caught by dutch returing guests and they also missed a huge fish after some fighting.

As posted last time, we do have returning guests from France here at the moment. They're really showing how to fish in our arcipelago. At their very first day they had 90 fish on 9 anglers. This morning (4 fishing days) they had reached incredible 487 pikes where 31 pikes measured above +80cm. On the picture you can see Mike with a nice pike caught yesterday. He told me that best results has been on small 5'' shads.

With 487 pikes caught after 4 days, they're definitely on their way to set new records here at Dragsö. As far as I know, old record from a similar group of anglers is around 830 pikes. These guys do have about 3 fishing days left, so it will be very exiting to see their final score.

Fishing is HOT! :-) 

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Weekend, 23 degrees and by far warmer in the sun of course. Today we had a major switch in cabins and boats, and all guests that begins their stay today arrived early. Of course guests are eager to go out, but since we are fully booked with fishing packages, guests who leaves us today have until 12:00 to check out and leave boats. Guests who arrives today do get their cabin and boat guaranteed after 15:00, but earlier if it's possible. We always do our best to hand out our boats as soon as possible. This has to be respected, even if you're eager to get out before 15:00.

Most boats are out at the moment and tries to catch the pikes in the pre-summer. One group that arrived today are 9 guys from France, who started their drive this Thursday to get here today. A long drive for sure, but they went out directly after they got the boats. Last year they were lucky to catch a good fish at their first day, measuring 105cm.

Guest who leaved us today still reports about good amounts most days but hard to find the really big ones. A bunch of 90's but few over the meter.

We're looking forward to upcoming week with many skilled anglers at the camp. Hopefully some big fish can be caught out there. More reports to follow during the week!    

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, May 17, 2013

Blue&White does excite


A lovely friday has started and all cottages and boats are out. Fortunately pikes continue to be active out there and most boats reports about good amounts. I was out yesterday on guided fishing with Dutch guest Stephan and his friend, who helped us out to translate our homepage to Dutch language last year. Since we went out at their first day, they were eager to get started.

It couldn't have started out better. Both guys caught fish on their very first cast and after 4 hours we could sum up approx 20 pikes with a top of 92cm. Two more fish measured over 80cm. Most pikes had been eating plenty of herring and therefore blue/white lures was working good. We caught fish on both small shads, softbaits and crank/jerkbaits.

Since fishing was good yesterday I decided to go out on my own this morning before work for a couple of hours. 10 pikes and a few ones lost in a little more than 2 hours. They were dancing out there!!

Upcoming weekend will be very busy and weather forecast tells me that fishing has good opportunities to be very good. Today we have summer weather with +20 degrees and East/North-east winds with strength of about 7m/s. 

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pikes everywhere!

Hello to all,

We're in the middle of high season for spring fishing and pikes are really dancing with us at the moment. Fortunately, all boats are working well now and all of them are out for a couple of more weeks.

We do have packages left from May 25th if interested, this is in my opinion one of the best weeks to fish for pikes in our area. This week we have several returning guests but also some groups who visit us for their first time. At the moment we're holding fishing guests from Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and more to come on Saturday from France and Latvia.

Amounts of pike is mostly good and variates from 10-40 pikes in each boat per day. Temperatures has rised a lot lately so we do have up to 16-17 degrees in shallow areas at the moment. This has also started the invasion of hornpikes, who already has been caught in the waters around Dragsö. With light equipment and  small spoon lures, they're actually very fun to fish for as a break from catching the regular pikes.

According to personal experience and what the reports are telling me about, blue/white lures (herring colour) are catching best at the moment. This concern both jerkbaits and softbaits. Nice report yesterday from Jesper who belongs to Karlskrona fishingteam 'Gäddstaun' texted me about an insane evening fishing on his own. Approx 30 pikes and two individuals with a weight of +6kg!

I've also got a few pictures from the French guests who visited us last week, so here they come!

// Daniel Wickman



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Busy holidays!

Hi to you all.

First of all, I'm sorry for not posting anything on the blog lately. A short explanation is that we are very busy at the moment. All boats are out and we have even made bookings over regular weekdays since we don't have any weekend nor week packages left at all. This combined with Swedish holiday and a full campsite makes both me and all the other staff very busy.

Secondly, due to this matter the chapter releases are pushed forward a bit since the time is not enough for writing at the moment. I hope you all have patience and understand that :)

With many boats out, we also have many catch reports that has been very good lately. Several fish over the meter has been caught last week including fish of 108cm (season high so far), 104, 102 and a bunch of 90's. Biggest pike so far was caught in shallow water by one of our returning Danish guests and the picture below shows his great catch.

We also had a group of French guests coming to us for their first time and left us yesterday after a week of fishing. 5 persons managed to catch over 200 pikes on their first visit. Good amounts and happy guests, for sure! Hopefully I will receive some pictures that can be posted here in the nearest future.

This morning 2 nice guys from Holland left us as well. They have been here many times now and managed to catch 130 pikes in 6 fishing days. Unfortunately the really big ones didn't show their interest this time but with nice weather and good amounts of fish, I believe they had a nice time here anyway.

What else to say? Most pikes are done with spawning now. A few samples has been caught with their mouths full of herring and other small preyfish such as gobys. Still fishing is good in some of our surrounding bays but also around the islands in the middle part of archipelago. So pikes are for sure spreading out widely at the moment.

More groups of fishing guests are leaving tomorrow and more reports will follow when catches is known.

Stay well and have a continously nice weekend!

// Daniel Wickman