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Thursday, November 19, 2020

A season finale

 A quick look at the calendar tells that we're already at 19th of November. Most days it certainly not feels like it. Both because weather is still warm for the time beeing, today 11 degrees, but also because a short autumn season felt a little shorter this year. Gladly, we were fully booked for many weekends this autumn but now in November we only see single or at least only couple of groups each weekend.

With 19 boats in our fleet, we still have several weeks left in front of us with boat cleaning and preparations to get the boats ready for spring season 2021. Also, several other interesting works is underway on the camp right now. All of our standard cabins will be facing a complete make over shortly. Four of the cabins will be converted to three bed cabins while the remaining five Standard cabins will stay to be four-bed cabins. 

Furthermore, we continue with a lot of ground works to improve and expand the camping ground even more. A natural step to meet the increasing interest for camping. We're also building a brand new extension to our eastern service building with more toilets, showers etc. Many of the cabins are undergoing paint jobs and other small upgrades. Undergound internet cables are being replaced to improve our available wifi network for our guests. Simply, the camp itself might be calm with low numbers of visitors, but behind the scenes we're doing lots of stuff to be ready for both fishing season and camping season next year.

When it comes to fishing, I've experienced a very good October and start of November. Lots of fish caught and almost every guide trip has resulted in really good numbers of pike. At the same time I realize that spending lots of time on the water this autumn has been a huge advantage compared with the results I've heard from several rental boats. When you find the key depths, baits etc very good numbers has been reached. However, if you go out with a blank mind and not to much knowledge of where the pikes has been caught lately, it might have felt very difficult at times this autumn. Many of my day trips in October reached amounts between 40-70 pikes in a day but as always, there's also been days with more normal numbers between 15-20 pikes as well.

Motor Marin Pike Open was arranged 7th of November and I joined in for the first time. I teamed up with Jörgen and Martin as Team Ram Mounts Nordic. With 52 very good fishing teams on the starting list we knew it was going to be tough to reach a good position this day. However, we had a plan we believed in and even though it was difficult fishing this day, we managed to snatch a third place with 268cm on our big three. The winning team "Pajkarna 2" won without competition this day as they reached impressive 301cm on their three longest pikes. 

Did you visit us this year? In that case, did you perhaps take some nice pictures during your stay at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing? Then please share them with us at info@dragso.se Our photo competition ends at 27th of November and you have the chance to win a guided trip (value 3800 SEK) or gift vouchers. Winners to be announced at our Facebook page on December 1st. 

Stay healthy and if you plan to visit us next year, some popular weekends are already filling up so don't hesitate to long with a reservation. I will do my best to get rid of corona in our region until then :-) 

// Daniel Wickman