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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vacation break

It has now become time for me to go on a week-long vacation. May is over for this year but we are still having some fishermen groups at the campsite. According to our guests, the fishing is some days really good! We are having some returning guests from Belgium here at the moment and they managed to catch as much as 3 meter+ pikes, in one day! Hopefully we can post some pictures of these magnificent fish later this week.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited us so far this spring, and I really hope to see you back at Dragsö soon enough. Remember that our season is a week shorter upcoming autumn since Blekinge Pike Festival is arranged in the last weekend of September this year. Dates of the festival is 29-30th of September.

What is coming up at Dragsö Sportfishing? We are soon entering June which means that our very popular Pike Safari will begin for this season as past years, every thursday during high season. I will like last year post a summary from each pike safari, just so you guys can read about our adventures!

I'll see if there will be any posts from my vacation. There will for sure be some hours spent on fishing at the island of Gotland.. So you'll better stay updated! :-)

                                                                                            Nice size!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

French pics!


Just got some pictures from our French guests who stayed here last week. As you might have read earlier, they managed to catch some decent fish. One of the pikes measured 105cm and we did receive valid pictures on a measuring stick of this sample, which means that the pike is in our seasonal competition.
Camp Dragsö Sportfishing thanks you guys for your visit and for the pictures!

Here is a message from Mike who sent us the pictures;

Hey Dragsö crew!

Thanks for all, thanks for this week!
All were nice & the french fishermans are happy. 
367 Pikes in total this week

The best score 105,95,94,93,92,88,87cm ..

Pic on the 105cm pike catched by Hervé Matoux!"

PS: I'm coming next year!! :-)

// Mike 





                                                                                     Give me a kiss?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunny May

Hello dear readers!

Unfortunately, we are soon writing June in our calendars, which also means that spring season is coming to its end for this year. We had over 20 degrees for almost a week and all sunny days, almost thought for a while we had moved Karlskrona to the equator centerline. Smell of american BBQ in evening time, happy students in colourful shorts and light upper garments. But, we are not there yet, so lets focus on the last couple of hot (In more than one way) fishing weeks.

Yesterday we said good bye to our first time visitors from France. They managed to catch a total of 367 pikes in 6 days of fishing. I'm waiting for more pictures from them and hopefully we can post them a bit later. One thing is for sure, 9 happy French smiles left us yesterday morning!

Furthermore, we got 2 new fishing companies yesterday, who will spend a week at Dragsö Sportfishing. Since fishing has been good the last couple of weeks, I really think that results will be good! Our beloved weather god seems to smile at us upcoming week as well, as we expect some more clouds, good winds and no rain.

Yours truly will have a day of work on monday, and a good friend of mine will come here for a short visit so there will be time spent on water for sure. Maybe we will have a completely EUPHORIA fishing time ;)

I´ve also recieved a good load of new rippers from my friend from Poland, Olgierd, who had his ways around Karlskrona today. 60 new rippers... Maybe I'll have enough for a month?

Olgierd with a nice pike going back from last years guiding!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some more pics from past days


Pikes has really got into feeding mode the last couple of days. I have experienced good fishing 3 days in a row and also got reports about good amounts from other boats as well.

However, I went out with some first time visitors from France 2 days ago. We were going with 3 boats into same areas and had variating results, but after a few hours we could sum up above 25 pikes in about 4 hours with a few nice samples coming up. They also caught a 105cm in their very first day!At the moment the fish has spread out widely and fish are being found almost everywhere. Personally, I prefer fishing a bit further out now around small, rocky islands.

I also went out with returning guests from Holland yesterday.. They had a bit struggle to find the pikes their first day so they followed me yesterday afternoon. In a bit more than 4 hours, 4 fishermens including me, caught approx 40 pikes (Lost count!). Biggest sample measured 93cm and we also had a few more of decent size. Really good fights, they were for sure not selling themselves for nothing.

Furthermore, today I went out with a working colleague of mine for a few hours in the morning. This girl had never, ever, been holding a regular casting rod before in her life. So the result? In the first 10 minutes she had already been having 3 followers and when we went back to Dragsö after 2,5h she had landed 4 pikes on her own! Big applause!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pictures from our Dutchies

Just had a look in my mail box and I had recieved some nice pics from this week. Our skilled dutch guests caught some descent pikes so I let the pictures talk for themselves and we at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing thanks for this years visit and of course for the pictures!




Would you like to get your photos from your stay at our campsite posted on this blog? Don't hesitate to send your pictures to daniel@dragsosportfishing.se

Ps. Don't forget that we are having a competition this season. All pikes over 100cm photographed on our boats measuring stick and also in your hands could be sent to us to compete for a nice price!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dutchie week is coming to its end


It has been a hectic week for the workers at Dragsö since the campsite at the moment is completely full, both when it comes to cottages and regular camping places.

Fishing has for sure been good this week for our dutch guests, but not as crazy good as past years. Also for the large group of salmon fishermen who spent their week living at Dragsö. A few meter pikes has been up in their boats during the week, and of course safely released again. Hopefully we can post some nice pictures later this weekend of their nice fish.

Also a few guidings this week, it began last Sunday with Klarenbeek and his friends from Holland. We had a hard time finding the pikes like most other boats in the morning since the wind was very low and gave us crystal clear waters. When the wind increased after a few hours, even the pikes started to get on the feed. Small rippers (shads) were effective once again and brought us a nice coloured 85cm. About 9-10 pikes in a few hours did fall for their baits and also one stupid garfish (horn pike). Most of them around the islands not far from mainland and Dragsö. We had best result in about 1,5-2 meters of depth.

Klarenbeek with a nice fish!

I also had some time over after work in the beginning of the week to try out the fishing on my own. Good amounts both Monday and Thuesday.. A few nice sized fish came up but mostly individuals around 75cm.

Nice colours on this typical archipelago pike :)


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Campsite is filling up


As the headline says, guests has started to drop in and most of them are already out on the water. Saturdays is our most busy days in fishing season since a lot of guests are leaving from their fishing vacations before new ones arrives just a couple of hours later, or as this weekend, at the same time.

The weather god is not really pleasant today, strong winds up to 18m/s! These guys know how to fish here though, and managed to catch a 96cm pike on their first pass on the water yesterday.

According to weather prognosis the wind will calm down until tomorrow morning which hopefully will give better conditions. These days you get a bit limited when it comes to available fishing spots.. But the pikes are for sure out there..

Over and out!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just another update

Hi fishing freaks!

At the moment some rain showers are falling over our camp site. We had less wind in the morning today, which put the pikes in a shy mode. Reports from todays fishing so far has been somewhat lower than past days this week. Some boats actually reached over 50 pikes yesterday, but still mostly smaller individuals.

Upcoming week is our most booked fishing week this spring and for many it's called "Dutch week" since most of our arriving guests is from Holland. Also 9 luxus cabins are booked for trout/salmon fishermens who will be here to try their luck next week.

Stay well and tight lines!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pikes go safe.. Use rubber for bonzana!

Hi to everyone!

Back at work after two days away from duties which, of course, means fishing. This monday I spent approx 2,5 hours around the islands close to Dragsö. With a Daiwa Powermesh spinning rod I tried out some very fresh rippers in blue/white colour (se attached photo) with great result. At least if you take a look at the numbers...

15 pikes did fall for these rubber baits but no fish measured over 75cm I think. Very fun anyway with such a interest for these baits. I tried out several jerks as well but pikes where for sure waiting to digest some tail dancing small baits instead. It's a shame that these rippers don't live for too long though. Switch to a new sample is required every 2-10 pikes before it's unusable.

Went out yesterday as well for a bit longer trip. My ambition were to try out the area around Hasslö, to see if pikes has started to spread out in the archipelago after spawning. The answer came quickly, just a few casts and there was a small curve on my rod; Fish on!

I caught 7 fish in maybe 3 hours, most of them once again on blue/white rippers in size 4'', fished with 10g heads. Not the best result, but there were fish widely out in the archipelago, and that was the answer I wanted.
On my way back I stopped by the "Dangerous islands", Smörpundsholmarna. A lot of fish were around and 5-6 pikes went up in just half-an-hour. Biggest sample here measured around 85cm.

All of these fish were caught in about 0,5m-2,5m, and lots of pike were active these two days. So for our fishermen coming this week, conditions look very well for having good pike fishing!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snookie time!


I'm looking out through the reception window and can report about another sunny day here at Dragsö. Wind has been a bit strong yesterday and in the later part of today. Direction is good though, South/West and increasing water temps in average.

How about the fishing then? Well, today some groups left us for this time, with mostly same reports.
Good numbers and a few bigger samples as well. Meter pikes has been caught this weekend as well and one of them were really thin. That's for sure a good sign in my opinion, pikes are getting done with their spawning and a lot of small baby pikes will be born and raised this year also.

I've also got reports today about the first discovery of snook/horn pikes for this year. God these creatures doesn't live for fun.. Almost every fishermen hates them. Sea trout fishermen are giving sighs and bad words followed by that when they see snooks for their first time of the year. Almost the same with pike fishermen, since the snook is moving in same areas, and are not afraid of hunting the same baits even though the sizes of baits are way to big for them. Personally, I can really recomend to spend a few hours fishing with light equipment or by fly after them. These cool fish are hunting in groups in the surface and are actually pretty good to BBQ!

We are expecting good fishing winds & weather the upcoming week and me myself will lay plenty of time on water next 2 days. Hopefull to get back with good reports =)

Snookie time!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Late bloomers...


Just packed my gear for a early morning session tomorrow. Last couple of days has been very sunny, barely no clouds on the sky and rising temperatures. At least the wind has stopped blow us in our faces from north, with more stable winds from south/south-west the past two days.

Herring is approaching fast and in large amounts at the moment. A couple of our guests from Poland tried their luck for herring today and got loads of them nearby the ferry harbour to Gdynia. So pikes will definitely have their very own Swedish smorgasbord when they leave the bays after their sexy time..

I also got a report from a returning Dutch team that today. They had 15 fish in their boat today with a really fat 97cm fish on top. Hopefully I will recieve a picture of this stunning fish so it could be shared with you readers on the blog :) And I should also mention that fishermen are still cathing fish that not has been spawning yet (could it be herring-stomachs?).

Personally I guess most of them are done spawning and will any day migrate to fill their bellys with herring and small cods. ..

I'll be back with reports after tomorrows morning fishing!

Herring in big schools.