Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amazing fishing for our guests

Since we have reached the weekend and Saturday this means we had some fishing companys leaving and arriving today. 6 groups left us a couple of hours ago after a week of fishing and also a few new ones just arrived. Some of our guests visited us for their very first time and some of them have been here for several times.

One of our guests from Poland told me today that he brought his friend here this week for his first time. He had told his friend that "I can promise you, we will catch a minimum of 30 pikes in my boat this week". Told and done, after the first day they had already reached 30+ pikes in his boat!

During the week we've had guests from Germany, Holland, Poland, Sweden and Belgium. Numbers of meter pikes has been low, just 2 meter pikes during the week but many samples around 95 and a few ones of 99 and 98cm. The amounts has been great though! In each boat (2-3 anglers) our guests had reached amounts like 190, 160, 143, 114 and a few boats with expected 100+ pikes in a bit less than a week of fishing. It's for sure numbers that you can't reach on so many places :)

One of our returning guests from Belgium left today with a fantastic report of 38 caught pikes in just about 4 hours fishing, 2 persons! A quite good ending of the week, since we had very hard winds yesterday. According to weather sites, we had squalls up to 26m/s and average wind of 16m/s yesterday and pikes moved into surrounding small bays where they was found in bigger numbers and being very aggressive!