Friday, September 28, 2012

Good rehearsal


At the moment our guests are dropping in one by one, loaded to their limits with fishing gear and full of good spirit. Tonight all cottages&boats are handed out and the festival feeling is strongly increasing.

Me myself has been out last couple of days in morning time to get a good feeling for where to go on the festival. Today was a bit of an exception though since I headed to a creek not far from Karlskrona to fish for perch. I went out just when the sun was about to rise and a bit drowsy I was about to get fully alert in one of my first casts. Since I was out for the perch, I brought a light old Shimano rod with casting weight up to 15grams. This rod was about to do its work immediately since my third cast resulted in a huge strike and a fish that was pushing against the bottom heavily.

After a hard fight, I could lift a beauty of 104cm with my hands. The hook of a very small jig was perfectly positioned in the lip, avoiding the teeth to break my 0,26 flourocarbon line. Hopefully a sample like this one could grab my lures during the weekend!

Perch fishing was excellent by the way, 41 individuals was caught in just about 3 hours fishing. But those came a bit in the shadow in this story, as you might understand :)