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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Windy days in pike kingdom

Hi guys!

So we have now reached the final of main spring fishing season and also the very last day in May. Most anglers have now left us for this time and they did so with variated results. Some boats did good a couple of days ago but it's been some hard days lately with very strong SW winds. Both yesterday and today we have wind squalls up to 18m/s. Not the best conditions for fishing nor boat driving in 5 meter aluminium boats either.

During this week we were visited by returning guests from Belgium. Yannik stayed for a week with friend for their 11th year and as always they caught some decent fish! In total about 150 pikes was caught and the last two days delivered over 50 pikes above 80cm with 4 pikes measuring over the magic meter margin +100cm. Good results since they suffered hard winds most days which makes fishing a bit difficult.

A guided 4 hour trip yesterday was on my schedule with Swedish guests. Mattias and his son had never tried fishing in Karlskrona before and we found some good spots where the pikes seemed to be active. Rain was pouring down and wind was strong but we managed to catch 15 pikes with the top fish measuring 87cm and a few more of almost the same size. Most successful lure this trip was McRubber Jr in Rügen herring colour.

Overall the weekend stay guests had hard fishing due to the weather circumstances but a few nice fish was reported. A few just under the meter margin and many many above 80cm.

Fishing activity will now go down a lot since upcoming weekends are outside of official fishing season and from now on mainly vacation celebraters will be invading Dragsö. Fishing is still very good and due to a cold spring I both think and expect fishing to be good in June as well. For those interested we still have availability upcoming 2 weekends for fishing packages. Are you interested and flexible with vacation break on short notice you can have a great moment! Just contact us on info@dragso.se or 0455-15354 for reservations!

Down below you can see pictures sent to me by guests from last days and a few ones from previous week!

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Main spring season finale

Hi there,

Back from a short vacation and ready to welcome all fishing groups that will arrive today for a weekend of fishing. This is actually the last big fishing weekend of this spring with approx 40 anglers at most on our camp at the same time. We'll be hosting guests from Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Denmark.

This doesn't mean that we're closing down fishing business for this spring after this weekend but activity will for sure go down. Only a few groups to arrive weekends after this one.

What about the latest catch reports then? Well since I've been of work and out of Sweden last days I've no recent reports to share. Went out alone last Monday and had 14 pikes in total with biggest fish just under the meter margin plus 2 big bonus breams that accidently came in the way of my Big Mcrubber... It seems like it's still possible to catch big fish close to shore and in the big bays. I lost a massive pike in the middle of a bay in 1,5m of water just to mention one of these big fish waiting in there.

Of course the pikes are also possible to catch around the middle archipelago (islands) now as well but it seems like you catch many many small samples between every big fish. So for big fish it's in my opinion better to try in the middle or outer parts of big bays or go for a bit deeper waters and edges right now. Hopefully our guests will find the right spots during this weekend. Weather conditions looks good with rather strong winds from SW. Day temperatures around 13-15 degrees and partly cloudy.

For sure more reports will come later on this weekend and I wish you all a fishy weekend!

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A thousand pikes and more!


So it's high time to give you guys a new update from last few days of fishing here in Karlskrona. It's been a busy weekend for sure but everything has been working great. Results variated from excellent to poor between the boats.

Returning guests from France in Krolik company had a blast and came up with very good numbers spiced with a few big fish as well. 9 guys managed to catch a total of 1131 pikes in 6 days of fishing! Very impressive numbers for sure as always and a new record for their group since same guys caught 831 pikes last year. They also landed 3 pikes over 100cm with their top fish measuring 102,5cm. Many more over 90cm. Incredible numbers and thank you guys for this years visit!

We also had several groups here for a fishing weekend from Thursday - Sunday. Boats landed everything from just 5-6 fish in one boat/day up to 40 pikes in one boat per day. A few big fish was reported as well from these groups with top pikes measuring 111cm and 108cm. My friend Jesper also reported 2 monsters from yesterday as he caught not one but two pikes of 110cm. One of the pikes weighed 10,5 kilos and the other fish was over 8 kilos. Amazing result! Well done my friend!!

Now I will be of work for a couple of days so tomorrow there will be some time spent on water! Next update later on next week :)

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Super numbers

Hi guys!

A new week is here and we've got several fishing groups staying here for a week of fishing. 9 guys from France in Krolik company are here again and as always they catch good numbers. In 3 days of fishing they're already up to incredible 497 pikes! If fishing continues to be this good they will most probably break their own record for amounts and maybe even reach over 1000 pikes. Hard to imagine such numbers, but when fishing in the Pike kingdom of Karlskrona, such amounts are possible when fishing is at its best!

Several meter pikes has also been reported last couple of days both by our guests, local anglers and by me myself. Krolik group have already caught 2 pikes over the meter margin and maybe more to come during upcoming days.

Thursday will be yet another busy day for us since 8 new fishing groups will arrive for a weekend of fishing. Hopefully fishing will continue on to be at its best so their visits will be memorable.

Water temp is now around 12 degrees in average and we still catch big pikes inside bays but we have also started to receive reports about big sized pikes caught around middle archipelago and even further out. They have started to spread out widely which makes fishing even more fun!

Here comes some mixed pictures from guided trip last Saturday and also from Krolik group. Enjoy!

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, May 15, 2015

Meter pikes coming up!

Hi guys!

Another weekend is here and almost all boats are already handed out to anglers. 7 groups will be here for a week long stay while 11 more groups are here for a weekend from Thursday - Sunday. This time we are having guests from Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, France and Germany.

I had two guided tours earlier this week with returning guests from Netherlands and France. We didn't catch big fish but numbers were okey with 17 pikes on top and a 92cm pike as longest fish. Three days ago I went fishing together with Jakob and we managed to find big fish but only a few of them willing to bite. Soon enough I had a massive strike and Jakob secured my 107cm pike in the net. This fish was caught on a Svartzonker McRubber in motoroil colour, nice!! We saw many more pikes between 90-105cm but only a few was close to fall for our attemps to catch them.

Dave and his friends from Netherlands left us today after 5-6 days of fishing. Their target was to catch a meter pike during their stay and finally yesterday they succeeded. 101cm beauty caught in a big bay close to Dragsö in about 1,5-2m of water.

As I said a lot of anglers are out fishing now so hopefully some big fish will be reported during upcoming days. Fishing has been variating a lot with one day being good in sizes, and the next day being very very hard to find any active fish at all. Today both me and second guide David will be out on the water to hunt for our beloved cucumber with guests from Sweden. Fishy days! :)

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May pikes are hungry!

Hi fellow readers!

Another weekend is here and today we said bye to a bunch of guests including many time returning Dutchies in Pascals and Peters groups but also my good friend Jacob who was here for 7 days of fishing with his friends. Some nice pikes was reported but mainly cucumbers in loads biting for the Dutchies this time. Jacob on the other hand managed to catch a handful of +90cm pikes and also one over the meter margin. His friend Marco caught himself a new personal best when a fat fish of 99cm striked his lure and gave him a long and nice fight in the archipelago.

We also have a lot of anglers here on weekend packages who will stay until tomorrow. One boat were extra successful since Kristian managed to catch one of the biggest pikes landed by our guests this spring. 113,5cm and a little over 11kgs! Great fish and great fun for sure!

A few more meter pikes has been reported by our guests but also by local anglers. Most anglers including myself is of the opinion at the moment that all pikes are done spawning but they still seem to stay in shallow waters in the bays. Most big fish caught lately is reported from waters of 0,3-1,5m of depth. We can also tell that a lot of fish is seen, even big ones, but just a few of them are interested enough to strike.

Upcoming two days will be spent on the water on guided tours by yours truly. Tomorrow with returning guests from Netherlands and on Monday with 2 returning guests from France. Hopefully we can trick some of those big ladys out there!

To be continued and as the Dutchies says, Zo de knaaken!!

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shallow monsters

Hi guys!

It's Wednesday evening and tomorrow we're awaiting about 30 anglers to come here for a weekend of fishing. Once again it's going to be a busy weekend and in total there will be about 70 anglers here on Saturday from Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Finland and France.

I was off work for two days earlier this week and spent both of them on the water. First day I went out with my good friend Jakob and fishing started out really slow. Rain was pouring down, wind was absent and water also quite clear. It took us almost 2 hours to catch the first fish and the size was nothing to talk further about...

Around noon we found a spot that looked interesting and soon enough we really enjoyed fishing since we managed to catch 102, 97 and 96,5cm pikes in less than 30 minutes. We also had several nice fish following our lures including a massive pike of over 10kgs but she didn't decide to bite this time. After that race fishing went down a bit and I ended my day about 14:00.

Yesterday I went out together with Jesper from Carlskrona Sportfishing in his nice Alumacraft boat. As my previous fishing day with Jakob, fishing started out very slow but we kept on fighting. We tried the same spot as where I've seen the big pike with Jakob previously and also this time a massive pike followed Jespers lure into the boat but without biting. Water depth wasn't more than a meter so it's still in shallow areas we find the big fish right now.

We continued on and went to a place that also is known to hold big fish. Just a few minutes in our drift another massive pike followed my lure with interest all the way to the boat! I was in the strange state that you only can feel when you "miss" a big fish close to the boat. A terrible but at the same time fascinating feeling. This fish was for sure +10kg but once again the big lady was to smart to be fooled.

Next time she WILL bite........ I hope :)

// Daniel Wickman

Friday, May 1, 2015

Pike on the fly and Dutchies on their way!

Hi guys,

Time for another update regarding fishing in Karlskrona archipelago. May is here and it's going to be a very busy month with approx 70 anglers at the same time on the busiest days on weekends.

During last couple of days fishing has started to be better and better according to the reports that I receive. More than 50 pikes in one boat/day during the best days. My friend Jesper continues to fish very good and he reported about 3 more +100cm pikes yesterday on his own with the top fish measuring 113cm. Impressive!!

Several guided tours has been made last few days with okey results. No really big pikes but good numbers. Most pikes are done spawning now and even the bigger ones seems to be ready for feeding again which is good for our anglers visiting us now.

Martin who works in the Swedish tackle shop EL-GE Sportfiske & Äventyr visited us for his first time with friends during this week. He and his company only practiced fly fishing and did quite good for being their first visit! He also shared a nice picture of his biggest pike of approx +90cm as you can see below. Thank you for this time!

Tomorrow Pascal and his friends will arrive from Holland for a week of fishing. Since these lads has been here for many years they know our waters well and always catch some nice pikes. I know for sure that local supermarket ICA will have to increase their stock of "Flintastek" for BBQ upcoming week to meet the Dutchies needs ;)

Except from anglers coming from Holland we will also host guests from Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Russia upcoming days.

From next week we will welcome a new member to Camp Dragsö Sportfishing staff. Trainee Jakob is just done with his studies at Sportfishing Academy in Forshaga, SWE, and will start his employment at our camp on Monday. Please don't hesitate to say hi to him and give him a warm welcome!

More reports to follow!

// Daniel Wickman