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Monday, October 15, 2012

Season 2012 officially ended!

With the headline wroten, we have now closed down for season 2012 and are continuing to prepare everything for winter season. It has been a great season and a lot of new and returning guests has been visiting us during the season.

We are very greatful for all visits and happy faces during the season and we hope to see you back next year. During the season guests who stayed on fishing packages & guided fishing tours has been from many different countries. We count in guests from Finland, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Holland, Austria, South Africa, Australia, Poland, Belgium, France, New Zeeland, Russia and of course Sweden.

News for this season has been Plus packages, which gives our guests possibilities to rent a larger engine on our Master boats. In total we have now 11 Master boats. 8 of them with Yamaha 25hp, 2 with Honda 50hp and one Evinrude 40hp. Our fleet also includes 4 Reval 440 boats plus our guide boat, Silver Hawk 540.

We also installed cig sockets in all Master boats, which makes it possible to load and use your smartphone with navigations programs while driving. It is from now also possible to rent a smartphone with pre-installed Navionics, probably the best reference program for smartphones.

Recently, we also opened a fishing/souvenir shop online. At the moment it is only possible for Swedish guests to buy online since the shipping costs are high for abroad packages.

Furthermore, to sum up the season in a short version, we experience catches to be better than past years. Great amounts of pike has been caught, and late summer/early autumn has been good when it comes to sizes as well. Meter pikes were coming up frequently, nevertheless the huge amounts of "spaghetti weeds" that growed on late this season. Camp Dragsö Sportfishing also ended up on a 7th place out of 540 participants in this years edition of Blekinge Pike Festival with a 102cm pike.

From now on, blog will be going down a bit in activity since the season is over. But still I will try to post when we have news to announce and maybe some catch reports.

You are as allways very welcome to contribute with fishing storys, pictures or something else that could be worth posting on the blog. Just send an e-mail to daniel@dragsosportfishing.se

Once again, thank you all for this season and I hope to see you at the campsite next year, loaded to the limits with expectations and new lures to fool our beloved archipelago pikes with :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One weekend to go

Unfortunately, season is coming to its end for this year and a lot of nice fish and happy guests has been visiting us during the season. With 4 days left until we close, a lot of things has to be done to get everything ready. According to the guests who left us last Sunday, fishing was very tough and just a few boats reached good amounts. Big samples was obviously not hungry yet since they saw hundreds of baits less than a week before during BGF. A few 90s but not more than that.

With the last weekend coming up, we will have at least 3 fishing groups at the camp, trying to catch a typical autumn archipelago pike of great size. Me myself will put a few more workouts on the water before my vacation starts. To be continued :)

                                                                             Boats being ready for winter

Friday, October 5, 2012

9 more days!

A bit more than a week is left of our season and the rain is pouring down. We have started to put up a few boats and preparing them for a long winter. But still the season is going on and 9 boats is active on the campsite this weekend. I haven't got to many reports yet but weather has been good in morning time and worse in the afternoon since our dear weather god has decided to drop large amounts of rain over us.

Guests has started to ask about reservations for next spring and popular weeks in May is getting crowded. So to avoid disappointment I recomend you guys to book early to get your wanted weeks and available cottages.

More fishing reports will be posted after the weekend! 

                                                                        Prices for BGF Festival 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

BGF summary!

As you might know, BGF was on this weekend and the archipelago pikes gets some well deserved rest since 533 anglers tried their luck in the region this weekend for two days. Camp Dragsö Sportfishing had two boats out on Saturday and one boat on Sunday. In my boat I was fishing with Andreas and former Dragsö guide Patrick.

First day of fishing was really hard. We tried many places and results were very poor. Personally I didn't catch a single fish on the whole day, while Patrick took 4 small cucumbers and Andreas had one small sample as well.

Second day started out almost as bad as the first one. I caught a small one on a white coloured pike fly in a very shallow bay. With hard winds up to 16m/s from west, we decided to outface the wind and went a long way out in the archipelago and tried our luck on the wind protected parts behind islands. A bit of the normal strategies, but it finally worked out!

Patrick landed a 89cm, and short after that we decided to park our boat and walk around some small islands by foot and this was the right decision. Immediately I landed a 84cm, followed by a handful small ones. Just a couple of hours before last check out time I made a short cast with a 6'' Relax shad in orange/black colour against a rock just a few meters out from the island. Big strike and the fish looked BIG since it had extremely good condition. At first we estimated the fish to be at least 106-107cm but it reached 102cm on the measuring stick. This fish deserved a good finish place on the scoring list!

Back at Dragsö we handed in the photos and could sum up a very nice 7th place in total of 533 anglers! Longest pike and winner of Blekinge Pike Festival 2012 measured 109cm, caught while jerk fishing with wading boots.

Now a few days of work is waiting to recover from long and hard days. On Thursday we will have 7 new fishing groups, and we look forward to hear about more great catches!