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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Way to go!

June fishing is continuously hot! Almost every fishing opportunity results in 90+ fish and today was no exception. In just 2 hours I managed to catch 9 fish with top sizes 96, 94, 92cm. 5 more of them measured 80cm or more, so average size today was good.

In the last couple of days several good size fish has been coming up in our area. Yesterday Jens who owns Jenzza lures caught a very nice 106cm pike and the weight was 9.2kg. The day before yesterday David who works with us on the Pike safaris caught a 107cm pike. Unfortunately I have no photos of this fish, since he told me that he didn't bring a camera. So this fish I seriously doubt since he otherwise would be very cocky about his catch ;)

Even though we've got summer now with plenty of camping guests, we also have fishing groups here at the moment. Returning guests from Sweden and also one group from Poland.

Hopefully some nice reports will follow upcoming days as well. Weather conditions looks promising with partly cloudy days and approx 5-8m/s south/southwest winds.

// Daniel Wickman

Pike caught by Jenzza yesterday, 106cm!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Pikesafari #1 2013

Friday and a weekend is approaching once again. Yesterday we arranged this seasons first Pikesafari and 16 persons joined in including myself. Since we only went out with 5 boats, I was the only guide following this time.

Since fishing last couple of times has been good a bit further out in the archipelago, I took the decision to start out by Hasslö island. Winds were a bit rough, approx 7-9m/s but it was calming down later in the evening. At the first place i managed to catch a 87cm fish in my second cast which directly increased our expectations of the evening. This pike inhaled a tailbait which once again showed its effectivity.

It didn't take to long before another fish in size around the 80's was caught in our boat. We heard about a few more caught ones at the first place, but overall not to many pikes was caught during the first hour.

Second place we went to this evening was the islands called 'Bergaholmarna'. On this site David catched a 107cm pike in the morning when he had some time off work. No fish of this good size was shown when we got there but some smaller individuals was caught anyway.

About 9 p.m. we went back to Dragsö to see what boat team who managed to catch the biggest pike. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, no bigger fish than the 87cm fish was caught during the evening so my boat was winning and 3 lucky guests received the first Winner caps of this years edition of Pike Safari!

To sum up, we had a nice evening and the total score was 12 pikes and also a decent sized perch.

Next pike safari is on Thursday 4th July, and we have vacancies for this trip. Join in for a nice fishing trip in our lovely arcipelago!

// Daniel Wickman


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Long day scout

Went out yesterday on my day off work together with my friend Albin who works on our neighbor campsite Ronneby Havscamping. Since we both had the whole day off work, we decided to go for a longer trip and started out just before 1 p.m. and we stayed out until 10 p.m.

With good fishing results on my past trips during last week, expectations was high and we aimed to catch a meterpike during the day. With sunny weather and approx 4m/s winds, water was a bit more clear than past days but the pikes seemed to be active anyway. Within the first 30 minutes I had landed a 85cm and also a nice conditioned 93cm pike.

After these catches the fishing went down a bit and we struggled a bit to find good locations. We had many contacts during the day, including a lost estimated meter pike who just got its teeth on my tail, not the hooks. When we got back to Dragsö we could sum up a total of 10 pikes and the 93cm on top. It should be mentioned as well that we only used bigger lures +25cm and up to hopefully catch bigger fish.

Upcoming days we will receive rain and north winds so probably fishing will go down a bit for a few days now. The late part of June has been great so far though and I get reports several times a week of meter pikes beeing catched in the surrounding area of Karlskrona.

Stay well!

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I ain't hangovered today!

Hi to all!

Today we celebrate Swedish Midsummerday and our campsite is full with tourists and holiday celebraters. Yesterday we had traditional Midsummer celebrations like dancing around the maypole. Most guests was most probably eating plenty of herring and fresh potatoes as well.

Since a lot of people drink like never before these days, most of them have a classic hangover today with not much activity. Me myself work alot during this midsummer week so not much alcohol is consumed and this day I turned this fact to my advantage. My workinghours was set to afternoon this Saturday so I decided go fishing for a few hours between 10:00-13:00. This showed to be a lucky shot since fishing was continously good.

Last fishing trip gave good results on tailbaits so I decided to try them out hard today as well. It didn't take to long before a nice 92cm fish was captured and after a quick photo released of course. Just a few casts later a Very, with a big V, Very big fish followed my lure all the way to the boat. This fish easily reached +110cm...

With the fish in my mind I decided to really search the same area accurately. Today the pikes really were into feeding mode and attacked my lures hard and many of them took the whole bait in their mouths.

Within two hours hectic fishing with plenty of activity, I managed to catch several nice pikes. Top fish measured 88, 90, 90, 92, 94, 95 & 101cm! I also catched 2 smaller pikes and lost a few bigger ones. All pikes once again was caught on Svartzonker Mctail, both Herring colour with white tail and eelpout colour worked well over the weedbeds. Fishing was made over about 1-3m of depth.

Will be off work Monday & Thuesday. More reports to follow then :)

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Great Midsummer fishing!

Since I had a day off work today, time was going to be spent on water. Weather didn't look to promising for fishing. Sunny, almost no wind and murky water from past days rough winds. Morning was spent with a friend of mine who followed for a relaxed fishing trip and hang out on the islands. Results was poor so we decided to sun bath on one of the beutiful islands and so we did.

When my friend started her shift in Dragsö reception I re-packed my gear and went out for some quality fishing time on my own. I didn't expect to much out of the day but immediately I got the answers I wanted. In my fifth cast I had a meter pike following all the way to the boat, and just a few casts later I successfully landed a +80cm fish.

This was just the start of a few hours of really good fishing. When I went home again about 3 fishing hours later, my score was 9 pikes with top fish 102, 100, 96, 90cm and also 2 or 3 fish over 80cm. All fish was caught on a Svartzonker Tail with modified Big Tail, and the pikes was so eager to eat these lures that the two meter pikes totally inhaled the big bait, leaving no signs of it outside their mouths!

More to come!! :)

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Guided fishing trip

Hello fishing enthusiasts.

We're in the middle of June and midsommer is approaching fast. We still have some fishing guests at the camp and continuosly weekly guided fishing trips. Today I went out with Swedish guests who celebrated a 50yrs birthday as a present with friends out on the water. We had 7 pikes in just a few hours of fishing with a 90cm on top and we also lost a big fish just a few meters from the boat. Lovely day to be out on the water since we had sun and low winds.

Water temperature is between 16-19 degrees everywhere at the moment and pikes has spread out widely in the archipelago. Fish is being very active and gives good fights, even the small ones do fight like bastards!  

Even though we're in June, winds are being strong every now and then. Yesterday we had 18m/s in the wind squalls and tomorrow it will be the same.

I could also recommend that if you consider come fishing in autumn season, it's about time to look in your schedules since we're taking bookings every now and then for popular weeks in mainly September. Also, we're soon fully booked when it comes to boats for Blekinge Pike Festival. So if you consider to compete in this years festival and want to book a package It's strongly to recommend to do so soon to avoid disapointment.

Have a continously nice weekend!

  // Daniel Wickman

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunny June

Hello to you all and happy holidays!

Time is flying by and we're already a long way into June. Not to long ago, Karlskrona was officially(?) voted as "Swedens sunniest city" last year. Last week has really made up that reward since we have sunny weather almost every day now and unfortunately for our fishing guests, wind has been turning like a clock lately. A few nice catches has be reported though with a 106cm on top an a handful of +90's on the 2 fishing groups that are here at the moment.

Yesterday I went out for another guided fishing trip in the sun, which resulted in 12 pikes and also a hornpike who still are present in big numbers at the moment. No big ones, but it was a great day out on the water anyway in the nice and calm weather. For the record, this time small spoons did outfish herring coloured softbaits and many other lures.

From tomorrow I'm off for a week of vacation so the blog will probably be out of posts upcoming week. Of course I will do some fishing when I'm off work as well so maybe I'll post something anyway :)

Take care!

Lovely Karlskrona in sundown
Best regards,

Daniel Wickman

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camp record beaten!

Hi to all,

Spring fishing season is coming to its end and just a few groups are out at the moment. About a week ago, French guests in Kroliks company set new records at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. After barely a week of fishing, 9 guys managed to catch 845 pikes! For a similar group of anglers, this is a new record when it comes to amounts! Respect and great fishing.

I've received a report from Mike from the record breaking group, so here it comes!

"Hey Daniel and all Dragsö crew!
I’m back to france , here rain and rain... and no pike hi hi

Summary of my extra crazy week in Camp Dragsö sportfishing!

On our first day weather was changing all day but mostly sunny and the first afternoon sets the pace. 90 pikes in 6 fishing hours with a 90cm for me.
After 4 days me and my crew have catched 487 pikes!!! Daniel and Andreas informed me "that we can beat a record”, the record was 9 anglers with 830 pikes.
The best lure was ripple shad 5” and 6” , in colours cola , ocean blue and sometimes white! Other french lure (slit shad 6” white or one up shad sawamura have catched pike). With Daniel's advice I went to some islands with best color on my lures. The pike eat more more herring and gobies!
The best jerkbait was the baby buster , other big lure and big jerkbait make no difference .. no bigger fish, the pikes was feeding on small fish.  
760 pikes after the Thursday, one day left to beat the record!!! But friday with no wind, fishing was more difficult! Still it was enough to make new record 845 pikes with a 95cm for Pierre.

One deception ... no meter pike ... I caught one 99cm, Cyril one 98cm, my brother 97cm and Pierre 2 pikes 95cm. A lot of pikes 80+ in all boat, about 60 pikes 80+cm and about 15 pikes 90+cm.

Thank you for all, this is my best dream, but it has become a reality.... and all this thanks to you , Dragsö Crew!!

I'll come back next year!!!
Mike , Christophe , Pierre , Cyril , Hervé , Jack , Gerald , Serge and Damien"

Thanks for the report Mike and also for the pictures! I can strongly recommend to make a visit to Mikes blog where he has been writing a good report about their visit. Use Google Translate if you don't understand French :) http://mike.fishing.dreams.over-blog.com/article-la-baltique-c-est-fantastique-118115374.html