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Sunday, September 8, 2019


Summer season is over. Autumn is here. Now the fun begins (or continues!). Fishing season has started and as this post is being written, we have 8 of our rental boats out on the water.

"Fortunately", day temperatures is now down to 17-18 degrees and about the same in the water. Only a week ago, the water temperature was 21-22 degrees and there were for sure more sun bathers than anglers around here. Pikes seems to like this change since several boats reports about good results at the moment.

Guided trips has started again and the day before yesterday I went out with two guys from Sweden for 4 hours. It started out a bit slow but soon enough we found them and when we got back to Dragsö again we could sum up a total of about 17 pikes with the biggest measuring 90cm.

Many weekends this autumn is already fully booked. Some weekends we still have some boats and cabins left but if you still think of going, it's for sure about time to make up your minds!

Soon it's also time for the annual competition Blekinge Pike Festival. This year it will also involve a team competition and the respons seems to be good since 60 teams has already signed up. I will team up with my friends Jörgen and Martin. Make sure to follow Ram Mounts Nordic in the scoreboard during the competition ;-)

Some fishy days is awaiting. Guided trips and perhaps a day or two on the water on any of my days off work as well.

Autumn, you are very welcome!

// Daniel Wickman