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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lazy days

I was hoping to write this post with some positive news to share regarding the catch reports at the moment. Unfortunately, I can't say that fishing is great right now. It's actually very difficult.

Last Thursday about 40 anglers arrived to Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. All loaded to their limits with lures, plenty of beer (I guess!) but also with expectations of good fishing. Mostly Swedish guests for the first days of this weekend but also one group from Romania.

During Thursday about 10 of our boats was out trying their luck while a handful more groups arrived to the camp later and waited to do their first casts until Friday. According to the few reports that I received, fishing was slow for our guests. Some boats didn't catch anything the first hours of their trip, while others caught a handful of pikes. No big ones though.

On Friday morning I had a four hour guided trip with a group of Swedish guests. Quite strong winds in the morning, approx 6-7m/s from west. We went far west and tried one of my favorite bays. The wind was a bit to strong to allow us to fish from a drifting boat, so we had to use the anchor. Not much activity even though we tried to make casts in most parts of the bay. Only a few small bite attempts but nothing serious. We continued and and tried several different areas but still without success. Wind was picking up even more and it became difficult to find areas possible to fish at.

Only one pike was caught in a super slow morning. At lunch time wind squalls reached 20m/s and several boats decided to stay in the harbour during the afternoon. Maybe a good choise, because the other boats that tried didn't succeed very well anyway.

Saturday offered a bit better conditions since wind dropped a bit but still about 8m/s in average and 14m/s in squalls. For sure rough to be out there. Some boats did better this day though since I got reports from guest boats with 17, 15, 13 and 12 pikes in their boats during Saturday.

Today was departure day for many of our guests. Not many decided to try their luck for the last half day so actually most boats was returned early. Anyhow, I went out on a guided trip in the afternoon with some returning guests from Romania. Unfortunately, we didn't find active pikes so only five pikes was caught in our boat during the four hours we were out. For sure the lads learned some tricks and good spots to return to later since they stay until Saturday.

Now I will have a couple of days off work and we'll see if any pikes will be bothered by me during upcoming days. I would say, most likely!

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A crazy easter

Well, crazy is maybe the best explanation of the conditions this weekend. About 40 anglers left us today after a weekend of fishing and easter celebration. Most of them experienced tough fishing in very variating weather conditions. Thursday was quite warm with cloudy skies and decent winds. Friday offered good winds from west, about 7-8m/s and up to 14m/s in squalls. Water level was about +15cm and maybe 8 degrees in the air. Simply a nice spring day. But yesterday hell break loose!

Negative degrees, snow, wind, cloudy. All madness at once. In the middle of April! For sure not what we wanted and especially not what the pikes wanted. Only a few boats went out to try yesterday and did so with poor results.

The best boat managed to catch about 30 pikes in one day but most guests reported about low numbers and no sizes to talk about. A bit disappointing for sure but hopefully this was the last slow days of this spring before the post spawn fishing starts for real.

According to the forecast, the temperature in night time will be below zero for two more nights but day temperature will be 5-10 degrees during the whole week. We'll see what the pikes think about it :)

Next weekend we'll have 14 boats going out from Dragsö. This means about 40 anglers once again. Hopefully they will be provided with better conditions and pikes willing to bite!

I will have a couple days off work now and most probably some hours will be spent on the water both days. To be back with more reports next week.

Pictures below from last weekend and also from earlier this week.

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Keep 'em coming!

Easter is approaching and it's going to be a busy weekend. At the moment we are having about 13 anglers on site. All of them arrived last Sunday and will be fishing until tomorrow. When they leave, about 40 more anglers will come. We are excited!

As promised in the last blogpost, I have now received pictures of the stunning 102cm pike caught by Jonas, one of our guests last weekend. The fish weighed 10,8kg. Great fish for sure!

Earlier this week I had a day off work and spent the day together with Philip (Stinger Productions). We knew that fishing was most probably going to be tough. Very strong winds from west and we also had in mind very poor catch reports from previous days, with a few exceptions. We decided to go east this day and tried some for us new spots. It started out a bit slow but soon enough the first fish was caught. Not a big one, but still the important "ice breaker".

We continued to fish in bays but also on edges to islands and edges of channels that leads to spawning bays. Not to many pikes was caught so we decided to move to a new area. An area where we stayed for several hours drifting over 1,2 - 1,4m of depth. Soon enough Philip was hooked up and we thought for ourselves "Yeah a good fish. Maybe +80cm" when we saw it for the first time. We was wrong. Very wrong!

The fish inhaled a new Renz-Stein Steinfish in motoroil colour. It was a lot bigger than 80cm. We measured her to be 105cm and with a weight of 8,7kg. Great fish for sure! We continued in the same area and caught a few more pikes over +80cm. Our day ended with eigth pikes caught, with four each. And I can tell you, our way back was extremely rough with very high waves. I won't even estimate how much water that entered inside the boat because of the waves, but it must have been at least 100 liters!

To be back with more reports later this week. I've heard rumours about more meter pikes caught by our guests last couple of days. Let's see later if this is correct! :)

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, April 9, 2017

More big fish!


Finally time to give a new update from this week of fishing. We're in the second weekend of April and as usual at this time of the year, pikes are now spawning. As always not all pikes are spawning at the same time. It's a process which normally takes at least a month, most of times even longer, from the first fish to the last fish are done with their sexy time.

With this knowledge in mind it's sometimes a bit tricky to find the right spots in the archipelago. If you find the right spots you will be rewared. Either where the pikes are done spawning, or the spots where the pikes hasn't started yet. This weekend it seems like most of our guests found the wrong spots but some were lucky to be at the right place at the right time!

Earlier this week I was reached with a fantastic report from Patrik, one of our guests that left us Sunday last week. He managed to catch a great pike of 110cm and approx 12 kilos. Once again a new season record when it comes to the biggest pike caught by our guests.

Anyway, this weekend we had about 15 anglers here plus a few more on a guided trip with me yesterday. Most of them left us today with poor results. Some anglers struggled to find any pikes at all while the best boats reached between 15-25 pikes per day. The biggest pike this weekend measured 102cm and weighed impressive 10,8 kilos! A super fat and well conditioned pike caught in the eastern part of the archipelago. I will post a picture of this fish in the next blog post as soon as I have received pictures.

Yesterday I went out on a guided trip with a Swedish group. No wind at all in the morning hours and this combined with sparkling sun and pikes in spawning mode didn't really result in a pike bonanza. Actually it took us several hours to find the first pike at all. Fortunatelly, the group of four managed to catch one pike each in the same bay before lunch. After lunch we found another bay with more activity and soon enough we were up to nine fish in the boat. Many more was just following our lures but without biting. I guess our numbers would have been a lot better with some more wind and clouds. Still a nice day out in the archipelago of Karlskrona!

Tomorrow I'm off work so hopefully I will spend a few hours on the water. One thing is clear. Upcoming week will most probably be the last one to have a chance to catch a pre spawn fatty.

// Daniel Wickman

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spawning laziness? Yes and No!

Hi guys!

Another weekend is coming to its end and it's time to share a new report with you fellow readers. This weekend we have been visited by approx 15 anglers, all from Sweden. To be honest most guests have experienced very slow fishing. Weather conditions have not been easy but maybe most affecting is the spawning process. The water temperature is at the moment ranging from 6,5 to 10,0 degrees in some areas.

During Friday I had a four hour trip with some Swedish lads. There was almost no wind and rumours about spawning got me a little worried. At the first site we caught our first fish quite quickly. As previous days most fish was found in very shallow waters of approx 0,5-1,0m of depth. A fat five kg fish was caught in the same area before we moved a bit within the same bay. In maybe 90 minutes we caught eigth pikes of mostly small size.

With two hours left of the trip I decided to try some bays closer to the city of Karlskrona. All of the following sites that we tried resulted in nothing at all. The pikes wasn't to be found and no more action before we headed back to Dragsö. Several other boats reported about very slow fishing with results from 0-10 landed pikes in a full day. None of good size.

Saturday was for sure not any better. No wind until lunch time and pikes were not willing to bite this day either. A few boats reported about clear signs of pikes spawning inside the reeds. For sure a very tricky time to find and catch the pikes. Especially with the poor weather conditions in mind. Several of our guests for certain reported about big fish following their lures to the boat but without biting.

Luckily, today I was reached with a very nice report from some of our guests. Yesterday one of the lads managed to catch an absolute beauty of 110cm and 11,1 kilos! Very fat fish in the best possible condition. A pre spawn beauty which actually is the biggest fish caught by our guests so far this season. Be out there and get rewarded, big time!  

// Daniel Wickman