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Monday, February 27, 2017

Good start!

Hi guys!

A new week is here and therefore time for a catch report. Last couple of days I've been fishing my first days of this year. Saturday was spent alone and at first I thought that fishing was going to be very poor. When I woke up at 7am the outside temperature was -6,5°C which is the lowest temperature for several weeks. Anyway, I fixed some breakfast and hot coffee to bring on the water and got ready to go.

First drift in a big bay didn't give anything at all. But in my second drift I caught the first fish which measured 93cm. A fat fish and a good start! I continued in the same area but with not much of activity. After a few hours I decided to go back to the first place since I knew that big fish is most probably around. Obviously I was right since a nice fish of 106cm decided to eat my Steinfish rubber bait from Renzstein lures, motoroil colour. I managed to take a couple of pictures before she went back to the water again. Great with a meter plus pike on the first day of fishing for this year!

I was fishing for approx 6 hours but the activity was continuously low. In total I caught 8 pikes but I was satisfied anyway. Yesterday I was accompanied by Philip from Stinger Productions. Earlier last week he managed to catch a 107cm pike so both of us knew where to look for the fish. This day we had clouds and a little bit more wind. But most important, there was a couple of degrees above zero which for sure was going to help us out.

After a few hours Philip hooked a nice fish. At first we thought 80-90cm, so I continued to fish while Philip fighted his fish. When the pike got closer to the boat we both realized that this fish was bigger than expected. Time to use the net! In the boat we measured the fish to be 103cm and success once again.

We continued to new areas but with poor activity. After lunch it took at least one hour to find any fish at all. Since we got closer to Dragsö we started to talk about trying one last place before ending up. This was for sure a good decision! In just an hour or so we (to be friendly, Philip) caught many fish and ended up with a total of 33 pikes. A great day for sure!

Now I'm really looking forward to another weekend with days to be spent on the water. Fishing is very good in Karlskrona at the moment!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, February 20, 2017

Ice is gone!

Yes, finally! The ice has now melted and most areas is actually open at the moment. Day temperatures reach up to 6 degrees and last few days even night temperature has been plus degrees. Water temperature is very cold though, about 0,1-1 degree.

It's going to be very windy this week which will force the last ice away. Unfortunately, it seems like we're going to get cold nights again in the end of this week which probably will cause ice in covered bays. Next week looks better again so maybe we see the end of winter right now.

Since the water is opening up now we will be able to drop in our first boats shortly. Our official season start is still 23rd of March and during the opening week we already have about 35 anglers coming to us. Great interest for pre-spawn fishing! There is still a few cabins and boats available for our opening weekend so if you want to experience the hunt for fat spring mamas, this is the right time.

At the moment we work to prepare the camp for a new fishing season. We have loaded our stock with many lures in the reception, we have replaced eigth engines on the boats to brand new ones, installed a new boat jetty on the west side (Dragsö bay) which will be available later this year for our guests. We've also installed a Minn Kota I-pilot engine on our guide boat (finally!). New modern TVs installed in all Exclusive package cabins. This is just a few of the upgrades.

Our new sportfishing brochure arrived today and it's by far the best edition we've ever made. Get your sample at Sportfiskemässan, Jönköping or when you come here to Dragsö. Pike fishing interviews with the winners of the last two years of Sportfish Masters - How are these guys thinking to reach success in their fishing? Find out their secrets in our brochure!

Hopefully, I might get out on the water upcoming weekend if the ice don't mess up my plans. So stay tuned for a report in the beginning of next week.

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A new season is approaching

Hi guys!

It's been quite some time since my last blog post. A month long holiday is now in the past and a new season is soon about to start. At the moment we experience a new cold front which includes both snow and strong winds. It's no doubt that winter is back! The outside temperature is -2 degrees and in the upcoming nights it's going to be -6 degrees or even colder. The water is actually open but with these cold temperatures it won't take long until ice is covering the shallow bays again. As long as the forecast reach, there will be negative degrees in night time which also means that there will be poor conditions for fishing upcoming two weeks.

Our official opening date for spring fishing this season is set to 23rd of March. Nevertheless, we will be able to take earlier reservations if the weather allows. As soon as we see that temperatures reaches over freezing point in the forecast and ice is gone, we will start to drop in our boats.

Regarding the bookings for this spring, it seems like the interest for pike fishing in Karlskrona is continuously strong. Several weekends is now more or less fully booked. If you plan to visit us this spring it's definitely about time to make up your minds now to avoid disappointment. On our homepage there is a booking calendar where you can check availability and it's also possible to book your fishing trip directly on the web now.

For those of you who will visit the Swedish sportfishing fair 'Sportfiskemässan' in Jönköping 17-19th of March, please come and see us! We will be there together with several other actors from Blekinge in the Visit Blekinge booth D:170.

So for obvious reasons there will be not to many catch reports yet. But when the possibilities gets better, it won't take long until I hit the water and share my first catch report of the year. So stay tuned!

// Daniel Wickman