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Sunday, May 30, 2021

A late spring update

Wow, a season goes fast. Really fast. Just realized our blog was last updated before the ice melted away in the middle of March. Shame on me! But! My excuse is that many of you has hired me as a guide so many days has been spent on water during the whole spring. 

However, here and now we're soon to say hi to June in the calendar. That means spring season is more or less finished soon. It's been a strange season in many ways. Not every year we experience ice in the archipelago but this year we were forced to stay away from fishing from mid January to mid March. Ice got so thick that locals explored the whole archipelago ice skating between the islands and also between the city and Dragsö. Cool but strange.

The first day that was possible to fish again I went out with my friend Philip. A very successful day with 45 pikes caught and a beast on top measuring 110cm and 10,8 kilos for Philip. The following guide days resulted in fantastic days with 38, 40, 52, 48 pikes caught. However, since the ice got away late this year, the window of pre spawn fishing was very short. Less than two weeks of fishing before we clearly had the first signs of spawning pikes and our numbers decreased dramatically.

In the middle of April we once again had a couple of good days with 19 + 25 pikes caught. The following weeks was once again rather slow, probably since more or less whole April and May was very cold. Pikes normally carry small leeches in the winter season due to inactivity. This year we still caught pikes carying these leeches in the middle of May. A clear sign of inactivity.

When we finally got some warmer days in the middle of May, pikes immediately got more active and just in time for a hectic guiding period. Full day trips from middle of May for myself resulted in 21, 35, 18, 17, 19 pikes caught. 

A normal year without Covid19 we welcome fishing guests from between 15-20 different countries. This spring I estimate that 95% of our fishing guests came from Sweden. A few groups from Denmark and Poland visited us but also a couple groups struggled their way through Europe from Italy and Netherlands. Far from being as busy as we normally get in April/May. Fortunately, guiding trips was even more frequent than a normal year this spring and the summer looks out to be great with most cabins booked the whole summer. Most likely we will also experience a good autumn season again when restrictions lifts. 

During this spring, our Standard cabins has been fully renovated. They're now equipped with both cold/hot water, half of them as 3-bed units and half of them as 4-bed units. They also have floor heating and comfy beds!

We wish you all a warm and healthy summer and hope to see you at Dragsö Sportfishing anytime soon!

// Daniel Wickman

Monday, February 22, 2021

Ice age

Strange times continues with a virus that refuses to let go of the world. For obvious reasons we lost or rescheduled lots of reservations, especially our guests from abroad who couldn't visit Sweden last year. So far this year, the situation isn't much better and we can see that many guests from other countries are waiting with their fishing plans rather than making reservations. We hope to say good bye to this virus soon and choose to stay positive and hope that the vaccines will be effective!

Karlskrona has experienced a very cold period now for a month or so. Many nights with -10 or more and day temperatures close to be that cold as well. Ice has now been covering most bays for at least a month and actually, for the first time in my soon ten years at Dragsö, ice is actually covering more or less the whole archipelago. Locals were ice skating from the city of Karlskrona to the big islands Hasslö/Aspö just a few days ago! Around Dragsö we estimate the ice to be 15-20cm thick at the moment. Pikes are for sure getting a well needed "vacation" from baits, cormorants, seals and industrial fishing... 

Perhaps we have seen the last days of winter now in our area. Right now we experience sun, 5 degrees and melting snow. Snow? Yeah we got a hell load of it a couple of weeks ago with approx 25cm in a day, plus many more days with snow as well. The whole city of Karlskrona felt like a city located far north in Sweden for a while. This doesn't happen every year and I have to say, I enjoyed it! 

Currently, lots of different projects are going on at the camp. All of our four-bed cabins are being reconstructed, a new service house is being built, many new camping pitches are taking place. Just to mention a few of the projects going on. 

Forecast is now looking a bit more promising for us fishing enthusiasts. Day temperatures in the two week forecast between 5-8 degrees will have its impact on the ice. However, night temperatures still show about 0 or below that so most likely it will still be at least three more weeks until it's realistic to see the first boats enter the water at our camp. We'll just have to wait and see but we hope to do some fishing in the later part of March.

First days in January offered open water before the ice age started. I managed to go out two times with friends and I can't complain about our results. First fishing day of the year resulted in my first meter plus pike caught and the next day we had a 90cm in the boat. Guess if I (WE) are looking forward to season 2021 :-)

Until open waters appear, stay safe and healthy. Hope to see you at our camp sometime this year!

// Daniel Wickman