Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meter once again!

Just came home after a short, but effective, fishing session after work with trainee Anton. 80 minutes later back at Dragsö we could sum up once more amazing fishing! This time we put focus on only big baits, such as pimped shads 30cm, Real Eel 40cm and such sizes of rubbers.

First strike, but miss, didn't take to long. We realized this could be a good evening session in a wind protected area. And thoughts was about to get real very soon. Big hit on my Eel showed up to be a starving lady of 100,5cm! After some quick photos she went back faster than a rocket, lucky to have her life retained. Second meter pike in a few days!

However, this wasn't all for tonight. 3 more nice pikes came up in size; 98,5, 97,5 and +90cm. Add a few misses to this and we are more close to reality. Fishing is HOT at the moment :)



Seems that you had a lot of fun with this fish. It looks very different type of fish.