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Saturday, September 27, 2014

One week to BGF

Hello guys!

We're actually in the end of September already and just one week left until the big pike competition called Blekinge Gäddfestival (Blekinge Pike Festival). This weekend we are very busy with 12 boats out plus a few private boats. This is nothing compared with next weekend though since more than 100 boats will start from Camp Dragsö on early Saturday morning. In total, there will be about 560 participants in the competition for 2 days. Who will win?!

Anyway, fishing is continuously good at the moment with meter pikes caught more or less every day by our guests. Wind turned around completely a couple of days ago, from north to south winds and by this the water level decreased a lot. On Thursday when a lot of guests arrived sea level was -5cm but in just a little more than a day, water went down almost -45cm to negative -50cm. This caused a lot of troubles for our guests since 4 propellers broke down. Fortunately, water seems to be coming back now though.

Enough about that. When it comes to fishing results are good both when it comes to amounts and sizes. Swedish returning guests in Linus company caught a beauty of 102cm yesterday evening which you can see on the picture below.

Also, this morning we said good bye to Kislina and his friends. After a week of fishing they managed to catch some decent pikes and numbers. There are really just a few guests who knows our area as well as Kislina. This since they visit us one week in spring and one week in autumn and have done so for many years now. Top fish this time measured 105cm for them.

More guests left us early this morning and maybe Tamas and his friends did best when it comes to results. I don't have the exact numbers but I think about 4-5 meter pikes since Saturday.

Conditions looks great in front of Blekinge Pike Festival for sure. Some work and reports to follow during the week to prepare for all guests coming to us.

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Late month race

Hello guys!

I've been of work for a couple of days but now I'm back on duties again. At the moment we are having 5 boats out on the water and 6 more to be out from tomorrow, which means that all Master500 boats will be out on the water this weekend.

A little fishing report is of course to be shared since I had a good old friend visiting Karlskrona over my days of work. He's for sure not the most experienced angler but still he likes to learn. When I told him the day before our first fishing day that we most probably will reach more than 30 pikes in one day, he found it very doubtful.

Continuously, we went out for a 8 hour trip. With strong north winds and a lot of clouds in the sky we tried bays but also further out in the archipelago. Pikes were caught almost at all stops but it was very clear that they seemed to be most active at very windy sides. Most successful lures this day was Wolf Tail Jr, Mouse spinning fly and Relax 6''. Back at Dragsö we summed up a total of 36 pikes. 14 for my friend and 22 for me. 4 of these fish were of good size and also gave David a new personal best of 4.6kgs. Except for the other 3 better sized samples I also lost another meter pike close to the boat.

Second day we spent about 6 hours in very sunny weather with low north winds. Crystal clear waters and cool strikes in super shallow waters (0.2-1.5m). Almost every pike was caught on Mouse spinning fly, so perfect to fish those in shallow waters. Ended up with a total of 26 pikes and yet another beauty! A bit colder this morning, only 12 degrees in air and water temperature now between 14-16 degrees.

I also heard about a 104cm pike caught by our returning Latvian guests on their first day of this visit. They always catch good numbers and sizes so it will be very interesting to see their score later on!

// Daniel Wickman


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A little this and a little that

Another week is here and another busy weekend coming up at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. This weekend we will host guests from Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Hungary!

I've been of work for a couple of days and both these were spent on the water for most time. A little disappointed with the results since no big fish showed up. Numbers are still good though even if the weather god seems to laugh at us every day with bad fishing conditions. North winds has been present for a week now in variating strength. Now we start to see a minor change though since wind seems to be coming in from east.

Anyway, both days was spent with a good friend of mine and as always we had our friendly battle out there. Who's gonna catch the biggest fish? The most? Well, once again I ended up beating him both days... Therefore, I'm friendly enough to just post the total numbers of ours which the first day was 39 pikes and the second day slightly less. Best results on Pig Shad rigged with shallow screw or 10gr heads, Wolf Tail Jr, Svartzonker Big McRubber and small Relax 6'' rippers.

Today I got an e-mail from new record amount holders in Luc's company. He gladly announced a total of 483 pikes in one week, one boat and 3 anglers! So together with this post you can see some pictures of their pikes caught last week. Nicely done, Luc!

Today we also received the third and last Master 410 boat with 25hp Yamaha four stroke engine. All 3 boats are now available for rental and by this, I'm now very convinced that we are the biggest fishing camp in Sweden with 19 rental boats! Not a big deal, just a fun fact!

I also have to say that I'm very glad to receive your supporting e-mails and other messages regarding this blog. All feedback is very appreciated so thank you guys!

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, September 13, 2014

New record amounts!!

Well once again I believe we have a new amount record on our camp! It's hard to keep track on all numbers of all years, but previous record from last year 845 pikes on 9 anglers, 6,5 fishing days is for sure erased by now. With an average of 281 pikes per boat/week for the guys from France in Krolik company, we can now announce the new record holders from Belgium to Luc and his friends.

This year they made their 5th visit and after barely 6,5 days of fishing, they ended up with remarkable numbers of more than 430 pikes!! And yes this is 1 boat, 3 anglers. No other group according to what I know about have ever reached those numbers over time. Several times a year I hear about over 100 pikes caught in one day/boat, but to catch these 460 pikes over 6,5 days you need very good numbers daily. Their top fish measured 101cm and most pikes was caught on small jerkbaits with orange bellys. Exact numbers will be posted later next week, hopefully together with some pictures!

Another visitor Patrick from Belgium also left us early this morning after a week of fishing. Even though he mainly stayed close to Dragsö, he managed to catch several nice pikes close to the meter margin and seemed to have a really good week here. Thank you once again Patrick and hope to see you back next year.

Furthermore, we had returning guests from Poland here during the week as well. Kozak and his friends knows our area very well after multiple visits here and he declared that their numbers was very good, actually their best numbers of all time! This just confirms how good fishing is here at the moment.

A guided trip with Danish guests yesterday resulted in 36 pikes on a 4 hour trip. No really big ones but good numbers and great fun out there! Pikes were going nuts on Wolf Tail Jr, Relax 6'' rippers, McTails and several more lures.

We are also having 6 more groups here at the moment who all leaves tomorrow. Will be very interesting to hear their reports. Hopefully they also succeeded out there!

// Daniel Wickman


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Super numbers!

Time for another update regarding fishing and results. This week we're holding 3 groups from Belgium and Poland. These 3 groups has been here at Dragsö several times before and know our areas well by now. They seem to have good fishing and one of the boats are actually up to almost 300 pikes already in just about 4 fishing days! Record numbers once again and their top fish measured 101cm so far. Still several days of fishing left for these groups so it will be very exciting to hear about their total numbers.

Before the weekend we expect 6 more fishing groups to come. For sure a good period for pike fishing right now! Water temp still about 16 degrees in average and air temp between 16-20 degrees most days with variating wind strength.

I went out fishing myself Monday and Thuesday this week. When it comes to amounts there is really nothing to complain about. Around 20 pikes on my own each day in 5-6 hours but it starts to be very frustrating not finding the big ones (1m+). Areas that normally delivers big fish seems to only produce cucumbers at the moment for me. The hunt for a 10kgs+ in Karlskrona area goes on and I refuse to give up the dream to one day, hopefully very soon, hold my hands around one of these mythical monsters. Up to this date I've caught 25 pikes over 100cm+ in Karlskrona and many between 95-100cm but not a single one has been of a weight greater than the magic two digit 10kg+ according to what I know. Frustrating yes, but I keep faith in success and hopefully that day will be here shortly.

Anyhow, this week we also started to install lantern lights on our Master boats. About time for sure and much more safe when driving in low visibility and the minutes before sunset. These lanterns are very small and mounted with no affect on fishing possibilities.

What else? I'm not sure if I've mentioned it earlier on the blog, but we are now also offering Master410 boats equipped with 25hp Yamaha Four stroke engines. Went out trying one of these a few days ago and it easily made it up to 22-24 knots with two persons in the boat. Great news huh!?

// Daniel Wickman

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Busy times with sun and pikes

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