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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May is approaching

Hi guys!

I know that many of you are waiting for this report from past weekend since a lot of you who are reading this blog will show up at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing in near future.

Well, where to begin? Last week we had north winds for the whole week and most days were sunny. Not the best conditions for big pikes really and that was shown in reports from our guests as well. We had a great mix of returning guests and new ones last weekend who also took the chance to go out with me as their guide on their first days. Most teams reported decent numbers from 10-40 pikes per day and boat but not many big ones. Top fish was caught by our friend and returning guest Jacob who fooled a 102cm fish.

Except for that report, I didn't here any other reports about big fish. A bunch just over 90cm but that's it. I think most teams did see big ones though but they were to shy to bite. Pikes seems to be very spread out at the moment. You can still find many inside the most shallow bays but they are hard to fool in sunlight and low winds. We've even caught pikes as far out in the archipelago as you can go where the temperature already reach 9 degrees.

Continuously, we will host a lot of new guests from Thursday and Saturday. All Masterboats are booked and pikes SHOULD be ready to dance any time now. I know that I've been saying that for like 10 days now. But for real, any time now!

Wind has finally turned to be south but it seems to be for just a couple of days. We'll see what this weekend will give us, but I have a good feeling about something BIG will come up any day now.

Stay tuned :)

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

North power

Went out today on my day off work to scout for upcoming guided trips this week. We've been having winds from north/north-east for 4-5 days now and this start to settle were to find the pikes at the moment. Winds striked hard today with squalls up to 17 m/s.

Fishing went well today and when I got back to Dragsö after a 7 hour fishing trip I could sum up 17 pikes with the top fish measuring a few centimeters on the wrong side of three digits. This fish as you can see on the picture was done with spawning and completely inhaled my Wolftail Jr.

Another great answer I got today was that pikes seemed to be okey with attacking bigger lures. Got two fish on a McTail adapted with bigtail. One measuring 86cm and the other one 84cm.

Most fish today were caught inside bays which had the wind from north pushing in. But, I also tried Hasslö in the outer part of the archipelago and caught a few out there as well. The boat ride to get there wasn't worth the effort though. Huuuuge waves!

Many guests will arrive to Dragsö tomorrow and a few groups on Saturday as well, including returing guests from Netherlands! Looking forward to this weekend!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finally some action!

Hello fellow readers,

I've been out on guided fishing trips last two days with a nice group of guest from France. It's their first visit to Sweden for fishing and it seems like they enjoy their holiday a lot. Two 4h guided trips were booked in advance which now have increased their knowledge about our archipelago fishing for pikes.

As you might know already, fishing has been slow for almost two weeks now but finally it seems like the pikes are ready to eat again. Yesterday resulted in 11 pikes with top fish measuring 86cm. All of these fish had spawn already and were having prey fish in their mouths. All these fish caught around islands close to the bays in 0.5-2.5m of depth.

Today I experienced fishing to be almost the same as yesterday. We had approx 15 pikes up this morning with top fish of 85cm. All fish striked small lures and soft plastics. Blue/White, Red/White and herring colours works good at the moment. Big lures doesn't seem to catch their attention right now but will for sure work better soon as they start their hunt for herring soon.

More reports to come later this week.

// Daniel Wickman


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Aren't they done yet?!

Another weekend is coming to its end and about 20 anglers have been visiting us during this years easter. Approx 150 caravans or campers have also been here to celebrate this holiday so we've been quite busy to be honest. For those who didn't fish weather couldn't been better. Sunny, low winds from north and about 17 degrees in the air yesterday didn't really invite our beloved pikes to dance.

With this many anglers here I was hoping to write this summary about big pikes being caught but that hasn't been the case unfortunately. A bunch of fat +80cm pikes doesn't really impress in total.

In my opinion, I believe that the pikes was interrupted in their spawning process by weather changes since both temperature and wind has been switching a lot last week. Most pikes that was caught during the weekend seemed to stand just outside the bays but quite a few reports about pikes inside the bays on 0,5m of water as well. Fishing has been slow for about 10 days now so hopefully the bonzana will begin any day. Plenty of guided trips upcoming week and many guests to arrive on Thursday.

Will be out on the water 6 out of 7 days next week so stay updated for new reports!

// Daniel Wickman

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter coming up

Hi there

A new week is here and gosh, I don't even know how many times I've been saying that time is flying by. These last 7 days has for sure just been passing by like the wind. We had several groups of anglers here last weekend but unfortunately fishing wasn't great. Pikes were spawning and they still are.

A few really nice sized pikes was caught by our guests though. Biggest fish measured above 8kg which is really good. Personally I've been out Monday and Tuesday for 3-4 hours each time. Both days gave the same results. Poor amounts, both when it came to landed pikes and even bites/followers. Both me and my friend Jens (Jenzza lures) did see some good fish though but they were not interested at all in feeding.

Both air- and water temperature is raising fast. I still receive a lot of questions about spawning and so on. Today, the 16th of April, I would like to say that peak days of spawning is over. All pikes are not done yet, but most of them are and a majority will most probably any day now start to move out from the bays again. Herring is around the harbour of Karlskrona already and in great amounts but the pikes doesn't seem to be close to them yet.

Water temperature is between 6.5-11 degrees on most places right now. Obviously with the higher degrees in the bays.

Furthermore, we will welcome quite a few groups of anglers tomorrow that will fish over easter until Sunday. Even more anglers to come on Saturday. I really cross my fingers that pikes will be ready to dance this weekend. Would be so nice to see some nice pictures and happy faces on our guests!

Thank you everyone for showing such an interest in the fishing right now. I feel that I'm far from alone being "Pike addicted".

Until next time, Stay well and tight lines!

// Daniel Wickman

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Season begins

Hi to all,

Today we will have several fishing groups coming to us and actually this is more or less the first weekend that we're officially opened. The last boat will be going into the water today. This fact is why there hasn't been any reports lately. To busy working on the field to get everything ready!

But, of course some fishing has been done anyway. I was off work last weekend and spent both days on the water. First day resulted in 14 pikes with a friend of mine where most fish was caught on a Wolf Tail Jr shallow in eelpout colour. No biggies though.

Sunday was very cloudy and a bit foggy as well. Went out on my own and managed to catch 14 pikes, most of them in really clear water. I experienced that small lures was better than big ones this weekend. Maybe pikes just want appetizers before spawning? No fish of these 28 this weekend had spawn already, but one fish did drop some eggs in the boat. Spawning is close, and will most probably begin any time now. It's always hard to estimate but as I keep saying to worried guests, you can always find places where pikes are willing to bite. If they're in the middle of spawning in a bay 30 minutes west of Dragsö, you can easily move 30 minutes the other direction and probaly then find places where pikes are a step behind, or past spawning.

Another question that I frequently receive in my mailbox is where to find the pikes at the moment. I would like to say that most of them are located far inside the bays right now. My biggest pike from last weekend was caught on about 0.5m of water. I tried deeper waters but without success.

Some guided tours on my schedule for the weekend so hopefully I have reports to share with you from our guests on Sunday!

// Daniel Wickman

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome April

Hi fellow followers.

It's been a while since last post and that's simply because there hasn't been that much to tell. Last weekend we had a few anglers here who tried their luck for pre-spawn pikes. Weather situation kind of messed with us since we had sun with barely no clouds most of the weekend. And it should be mentioned that there wasn't any wind to talk about either so the conditions were tough for sure. A lot of pikes was seen inside the bays but of course they were not that eager to bite in these conditions.

Me myself have been very busy with work and moving into my flat past days so no time spent on water lately. Hopefully there will be some time over upcoming days after work!

Furthermore, I've received quite a few questions about pike spawning; Are they done yet? Where are the pikes at the moment? Well in the big archipelago that surrounds us water temperatures variates from approx 5.5-9.0C degrees. I've got reports about pikes who already have spawned, and there is also reports about pikes that are not even close to spawn yet.

What many people miscalculate is the fact that it's not only about water temperature. It's also of great importance that the pikes get enough "bright hours" per day. So even if we would have these temperatures in December,  pikes would probably not spawn since we barely have 7-8 hours a day without darkness. Now we're in April and in every 7 days we will get almost 30 more minutes of daylight. So time is soon right for spawning and so is the temperature.

Lastly, It should also be mentioned that with variating temperatures around in the archipelago, not all pikes are spawning at the same time. That's why this time of the year is quite interesting. You can catch really fat ladys in one bay, and then move to another bay where pikes are in a totally different phase of spawning where they might even be done.

Well, I've got some boats to paint so stay updated for some new posts! :)

Best regards,

Daniel Wickman