Sunday, May 28, 2017

The beginning of the end

A very busy weekend is coming to its end. Actually, this was the last official fishing weekend of spring season. Still, there will be fishing groups coming a few more weeks before summer takes over.

During this weekend we've had all of our boats rented (19 boats). Guests has been coming from Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Current weather situation 2017-05-28 14:00
Air temperature: 23 degrees
Water temperature: 14-18 degrees (in average)
Water level: - 8cm
Sunny, 5m/s  SW winds

Earlier this week we had some groups here for either a week or a mid week fishing. One of the Swedish groups did OK and managed to catch a very nice fish of 105cm and +9kg. The fish was caught in a bay by Jonas Ljungqvist. Beautiful fish! Same lads also caught some +90cm pikes in sparkling sun. Earlier this week it felt like pikes was becoming more and more active. I tried my luck together with Björn who creates Nettelbaits earlier this week. We caught 17 fish with a few of around 85cm. Some of them caught in a bay far west while the other pikes was caught outside of Hasslö which is quite far out in the archipelago. Of course Nettellaken caught most of these fish while I had best results with Beastly shad.

Same day our colleague Willy was out for a full day on the water with a friend. They did good and ended up with 42 pikes caught. 99, 92, 90cm was their top three. Great day!

We were also visited by Yannik from Belgium this week who came with his friend for their 12th year. Unfortunately, they had very slow fishing during their stay and didn't catch any good numbers and only a few big pikes. Their top fish measured 99cm which is good but normally these guys catch both better numbers and sizes so for sure it was some tough days for them.

I had a guided trip during Friday with returning guests from Switzerland. We went out for a morning trip together and did so in sparkling sun and very low winds. During the first two hours we had eigth fish in the boat which is pretty good but the last two hours was slow and only resulted in one more pike and several followers.

Except from these reports, we had several boats with very poor results. Most days this weekend we had no clouds on the sky and low winds which resulted in low activity and pikes just following our guests lures. Hopefully we can enjoy better fishing conditions next week!

// Daniel Wickman