Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A freezing cold May

We are soon in the middle of May. To be honest it feels more like if we're in the end of March. Last few days has given us small amounts of snow, hail and just between 0-3 degrees in early morning and evening. In the news this morning we were told that this has been the coldest nights in May for the last 30 years in our area. As you might understand this is for sure not very friendly conditions for the four groups of anglers that are here at the moment.

Last weekend a lot of anglers left us once again after a weekend (or week) of fishing. Most of them had tough fishing with low numbers and few big pikes. About three meter+ pikes was reported by our guests during last week which is to be considered a low number if you bare in mind that we had many anglers on site.

This week we have four groups here from Poland, Sweden and Slovakia. Poulik family managed to catch a 103cm pike yesterday and had a total of 16 pikes in the boat. Well done since the weather was really tough with low winds, then stronger winds, then hail and later rain.

With the last nights of cold temperatures, the water temperature is still cold for being mid May. About 8-11 degrees in most areas. Still a lot of herring in the harbour of Karlskrona and we've got the first reports of horn pikes in our surrounding area.

Tomorrow we have five groups coming and ten more on Saturday. All boats will be out and fortunately, weather seems to get better. 13-15 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Even more with up to 20 degrees next week. Hopefully this can start the after spawn frenzy for real!

// Daniel Wickman