Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dutch week is here!

April has comed to its end and we are welcoming May, the big after spawn month. Weather seems to finally stabilize a bit with expected day temperatures up to 17 degrees later this week.

Last Sunday we had many groups leaving us after a weekend of fishing. Once again we were reached with many reports of slow fishing. Boats had an average of 4-10 pikes per boat and day. A few fish of 85-90cm was caught but only one +100cm pike during last weekend according to what I've heard.

A guided trip during Saturday resulted in eight pikes with returning Swedish guests. Slow fishing once again but we had a fun day out there anyway and tried our best to find pikes. Maybe next year we will hit the right spot at the right time..

During last weekend we welcomed a returning big group of Dutch guests. Always happy and professional boys. And one thing is for sure. The local supermarket ICA needs to load their stock of "Flintasteak" everytime they come here! :)

Earlier this week I got reports about a few meter pikes caught in our surrounding area. Also, some of our guests from Czech Republic managed to catch a meter pike from shore on Dragsö. Nicely done!

Water temperature at the moment is about 7,5-10,0 degrees in most areas. Slowly increasing after the cold period around easter a few weeks ago. Before easter the water temperature was around 12 degrees but several nights with temperatures below the freezing point forced the water temperature down to about five degrees. Since then the temperature has slowly but steady increased and soon we are up in more pike friendly after spawn temperatures. We are obviously not there yet but more fish is seen now than last week.

My colleague Willy was off work yesterday and tried his luck out there with a friend. They caught 20 pikes with two fish of more than +90cm. Most of these fish caught in 1,5m of depth and in a little bit more calm water since wind squalls was up to 18m/s yesterday.

A few more guided trips is booked for this weekend. Both with new and returning guests. Hopefully temperature goes up just a little bit more until then and I think we'll have some fun out there!

Upcoming weekend is once again a very busy one. On Thursday we will have 20 boats out fishing from our camp with a few private boats included in that number. Hopefully they can enjoy some quality fishing! And we also pray for having better winds upcoming days. Currently we have strong winds from E/NE and this isn't easy conditions for sure.

To be back with new reports!

// Daniel Wickman