Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend summary

Hi guys,

Another weekend is now to its end and it's been a busy one at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. More than 50 anglers have tried their luck last 3-4 days with our camp as their base.

A few reports has been shared and these tells me that their results variated a lot. Some guests managed to catch up to 30 pikes/day in the boat while others barely reached over 10 pikes over 3 days. The big ones didn't cooperate to good with our guests this weekend since only 3 pikes over +100cm was caught and about 5-8 pikes over +90cm.

Reports also tells me that anglers still catch pikes full of eggs even though they're not many. Most are done with spawning and are now starting their migration a bit further out from the bays to eat herring and other yummy prey fish.

Next weekend will be a busy one as well with approx 40 anglers coming on weekend packages from Thursday and another 30 anglers coming during the weekend for a week of fishing in our area. We are currently having guests from Sweden, Germany, Slovakia and Denmark who will fish during upcoming week.

Some guided tours are booked upcoming days but also a free day off work for me so more reports to be shared later on in a couple of days!

Kim shared a picture with me before leaving us. Nice catch!

// Daniel Wickman