Friday, April 24, 2015

Busy days

Hi guys!

A bit delayed post is now finalized to share on the blog. It's been (and is) some busy days going on at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing at the moment. Currently we host about 50 anglers who are staying at our camp with most of them coming from Sweden but also from Denmark, Finland and France.

With this many guests at the same time, this also involves more working duties for me. 2 boats are already up for their first reparations of this season and with a fully booked boat fleet this is quite a puzzle to manage without problems for our guests. So far so good though and soon even these 2 boats will be ready to hit the water again.

Fishing seems to be a little tricky still. Spawning is more or less ended by now but the pikes seems to be a bit awaiting. Of course pikes are being caught but the numbers tell me that we still aint there yet. Conditions looks good for this weekend so hopefully some good pikes will be reported by our guests on Sunday when most of them leaves us for this time.

Earlier this week my friend Jesper from Carlskrona Sportfishing shared a report where he and his boat company caught 6 pikes over 100cm in one day and also over 40 pikes caught overall. When you find the right spots you can be rewarded big time, obviously!

As mentioned previously I hope to get some reports from our guests to share with you guys later on.

Until next time, have a fishy weekend!

// Daniel Wickman