Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mid spawn laziness

Hi guys!

It's been some time since last post so finally I've got some time over to update you about fishing in Karlskrona at the moment.

To be honest fishing is very slow right now. Pikes are busy with spawning so numbers are for sure not as good as previous weeks. Water temp is all the way up to 10-11 degrees at most and with sunny days and rather high day temperatures this makes the situation ideal for some sexy time.

Last weekend we had many fishing guests visiting us but most of them reported about slow fishing. A few boats reached 15 pikes their best day but most guys had even lower numbers. A few decent ones over 100cm was caught anyhow but with so many anglers on site, fishing was poor.

It seems like this weekend is not much better. Numbers are poor and not many big ones is reported. Todays guided 4 hour trip resulted in 6 pikes but the sizes wasn't something to write up in the history books. A lot of pikes seems to be done already while several fish still drop eggs in the boat. My guess is that it will be another week before fishing starts to be really good again. Hopefully sooner than that but only the fishing god knows that.

I will be off work Monday & Tuesday next week and plenty of hours will be spent on the water. Time to catch the last spring pig before all of them are done spawning! A report to be shared later on next week... :)

// Daniel Wickman