Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Time for a summary

As you might have seen, or should I say not seen, the activity here on the blog has been low during the weekend. It's been a busy one with more than 300 anglers starting from Camp Dragsö in this years episode of Blekinge Pike Festival. Overall, I have to say that it's been a great weekend even though our own results in the competition was poor.

Saturday morning we were all ready for the two day competition and ate our breakfast at Dragsö restaurant about 6:30AM. Fishing started 8:00AM and our plan was to fish in the west part of the archipelago. We tried bays, we tried the coastline of Tromtö/Hasslö, we tried islands. Nothing gave satisfying results. Me, Patrick, Andreas and Patrik caught a total of about 22 pikes on the first day. No fish measured above 80cm which was the minimum length for registration. Sure, conditions were really bad, but no fish above 80cm felt like a huge disappointment.

Day two started out as bad as first day. Strong sun, no wind to talk about and crystal clear waters. After a few hours wind started to create some minor water movement and by this pikes got a bit active. 25 pikes were caught in our boat but only one measuring just above 80cm and this was for sure not going to help in this years episode of Blekinge Pike Festival.

Just about an hour before the end, rumours started to spread around the anglers that a pike of remarkable 128 centimeters was caught in Karlshamn. Back on Dragsö, where officials of the competitions had their temporary office, these rumours were confirmed. The pike was judged to be 126 centimeters and of course voted to be the winner pike this year.

In total 15 pikes was caught above 100cm and with the 126cm sample in a clear win. closest fish behind in second place measured 108cm. Actually the winner Roy also caught a 102cm pike on the first day, which made him end up with a total of 228cm and by that also won the second competition day 1 + day 2 length price. In the second place, both in single length and day 1 + day 2 length, Nina Simon finished with two meter+ pikes. First day 108cm and second day 102cm. Really fun to see a girl end up with such a great result!

So this years episode is now over and we now look forward to a continuously nice autumn season. Upcoming weekend we await almost 40 anglers who will try to find a monster like the 126cm caught last weekend. We still have about 14 degrees in the water and air temperature around 14-16 degrees in daytime so it's for sure comfortable conditions, except for today since the wind is blowing yourself away with local squalls up to 19m/s.

So down below you will see some mixed pictures from this weekend and as usual also a picture of the winner pike!

// Daniel Wickman