Wednesday, October 29, 2014

November hunger?

For many swedes November is a dark month where nothing happens. It's dark when you raise up in morning, and it's dark when you get home after a day with working duties. It starts to get cold outside, leaves are falling of all the trees, leaving us with nothing but lazy evenings in our homes to avoid the cold winds outside. This is the truth for many these days. But this is not completely the reality for pike anglers.

November invites to great nature experiences. Our archipelago could be rough in autumn with lots of wind and cold ones as well. But the feeling of being almost by yourself out on the waters, surrounded by thousands of birds, colourful trees and empty bays is something else. If lucky, the pikes are willing to dance in very shallow waters and sometimes the really big samples show themselves on the best side as well.

As always time is running away just to fast and October is almost over by now. We are open one more month and interest is still high! As mentioned some months ago this is the first year we're open in November. We are so far having 11 more groups to come here upcoming weeks plus a few more requests.

Yesterday we received a good load of Svartzonker Mcrubbers! Finally we can offer what in my opinion is the best soft lures for pike fishing. 6 colours of McRubber and 6 of McRubber Jr is now available in the reception!

At the moment we are having just a few packages left in November. Are you in thoughts about going for some autumn fishing it's about time to make up your mind asap. The same when it comes to fishing in May 2015. Many requests and bookings done already!

// Daniel Wickman


I will definetely get some when I'll arrive to Dragso in 2 weeks:)

I'll make sure to have some McRubbers left for you Olgierd ;)