Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Benefits with friends

Hi guys!

Mid week and I'm back to work after a couple of days off. Monday and Thuesday was spent on water with my friend Christian. We went out early mornings and back late afternoons just after sunset. With two full days out there I had some expectations about at least a few big pikes to be caught.

First day we tried several bays and had our best results in very shallow waters. By this I mean 0,3-1,0m. In these depths I find spinning flies to be the best option and so even this time. Together we caught a total of 27 pikes. 21 for me, and 6 for Christian. Poor weather conditions with low north winds, mostly raining and a bit low water level made it hard to fool any big ones.

Second day showed up to be better. First bay resulted in 16 pikes in a couple of hours. Mid day wasn't to good when we tried further out in the archipelago. In the afternoon we explored some new areas which gave results! Sometimes you need some help with opening your eyes for new areas. Areas that you might never thought about to be good for pike fishing but shows up to be. Christian asked me to drive to a place that he thought looked good on the sea chart and so we did.

At this area far out in the archipelago we caught many pikes and a few big ones. Biggest measured 99cm, we lost a 95+cm and ended up with a total of 52 pikes. Fun fishing at depths from 1,5-4m. Best working lures was Big Bandit, Big McRubber and McRubber. And yes, Christian got his revenge since score ended up 30 vs 22 caught for me...

Tomorrow we will have 5 new groups here at Camp Dragsö so hopefully they can have some fun moments during their days here. More reports to follow for sure!

// Daniel Wickman