Friday, August 8, 2014

Pikesafari #7 2014

Hi fishing enthusiasts,

Yesterday we arranged this summers very last safari and what a great interest once again. Last year not more than 16 participants joined in but at this years last safari we were fully booked again. We even had a que of at least 10 more guests who wanted to follow but wasn't able to since we were fully booked. With 40 anglers again we decided to pick quite big areas. Since David has begun his regular full time work again he wasn't able to join in this time. In his seat Willy helped out for his second safari of the season.

Many new guests joined in yesterday that never tried our safaris before. With this in mind, it took 20 minutes before we were able to leave Dragsö. Many of our guests needed a small education about boat driving before depature so this took some time.

Continously, we went west of Dragsö to a big area between islands Haglö, Varö and Smörpundsholmarna. About 45 minutes later I received a phone call from one of our guests. They had a major propeller failure since all 4 propulse blades were gone. No extras were brought this time so I had to go back to Dragsö to get a spare one. This safari I felt really sick but I managed to run the safari anyway. It didn't help me feel better with this problems occurring..

With the propeller fixed we continued on to another big area located between Kobebus and Kurrholmarna just south of the city. About one more hour was spent here and a lot more action here than at the first stop. In my boat we landed 3 pikes and lost maybe 10 pikes that didn't want to follow all the way into the boat.

Our boat neighbour Willy and his company of the day were also successful here and they landed a total of 16 pikes! Record high numbers for one boat during this years safaris.

When we gathered up I got information about another boat with propeller failure. 3 more blades gone and fortunately I brought 2 spare ones when I got back to Dragsö for my second time so this matter didn't take so much longer time.

About 25 minutes delayed we were back on camp again and talked about our results. In total we caught a season high 36 pikes with top pike measuring 80cm. Fishing is for sure starting to get better again after a couple of weeks of slow fishing and algal blooms!

So, overall this summer we caught 158 pikes and ended up with an average size of 81,5cm (winner pike average). On 7 safaris we've had 231 guests joining in this year, compared with last years 185 persons. Super fun with this great interest!  

        Participants            Pikes caught        Winner pike
1.             14                              18                       60cm
2.             21                                9                       85cm
3.             35                              22                       80cm
4.             40                              28                       81cm
5.             41                              30                       95cm
6.             40                              15                       90cm7.             40                              36                       80cm

Average winner pike size 2011: 74cm
                                              2012: 74cm
                                              2013: 77cm
                                              2014: 81,5cm

Finally, down below you can see some mixed pictures of this seasons pike safaris!

// Daniel Wickman