Monday, August 4, 2014

Pikesafari #6 2014

Hello guys,

To begin with I'm sorry that this summary is a bit delayed. Normally these posts are published every Friday or even the same day (Thursday) as the safaris.

Anyway, we were once again fully booked which means 40 anglers. Last couple of weeks has been very warm and this isn't really good for fishing. Water temperature is at the moment around 22-25 degrees everywhere and at this pike safari we measured 24-25 degrees. This wasn't the only problem though since winds were strong, about 7-10m/s, and water level was at least 35cm lower than normal.

With warm temperatures in air and water we also receive algal blooms which affects water visibility and by that worse fishing conditions. As you might understand, we didn't really have the best conditions to fish this pike safari. With 10 boats and many unexperienced families we decided to stay fairly close to Dragsö. First stop was a very big area. All the way from St. Andön just north of Dragsö and all the way north to the very end of Rosenholmsviken.

In my boat we struggled to find any fish at all. It took at least 45 minutes until I had a bite and that fish didn't even stay on for long. Only a few boats managed to catch fish at the first stop so we continued to the area just west of Dragsö called Ramsö to Svinön. I still experienced fishing to be very slow and hard. To be honest we didn't catch a single pike in my boat this afternoon...

Out of ten boats actually 4 boats came back with a zero in their score. In total 15 pikes was caught with top fish measuring 90cm. Not to bad in my opinion with so hard conditions. Of course we hope that fishing will be better next time.

So next safari will be this summers last one and at the moment we have about 6 available spots in total. We look forward to this event even though it's a bit sad to run the very last safari of this year.

Until next time, take care!

// Daniel Wickman