Friday, August 29, 2014

Late August report

Hi everyone.

We have reached another weekend which means it's time for new guests to arrive. 3 fishing groups this weekend will try their luck in our arcipelago. This time guests from Sweden and Czech Republic.

As you might have been reading already in previous posts, fishing has actually started out really well this autumn season. Many nice pikes above +1m and several +10kgs in Karlskrona archipelago. Hopefully season can continue on like this!

Since this is a little bit of a calm week for us, I now take the chance to clean all boats properly. A lot of barnacles and sea weed on a few boats that has been unused for some weeks. Soon all boats are cleaned though so we will be ready for upcoming fully booked weekends with good working boats and cabins.

Earlier this week the registration to Blekinge Pike Festival 4-5 October 2014 opened. In just two days more than 400 anglers were registered! For sure great interest in the competition and fishing overall in our area.

Today weather didn't really invite to good pike fishing opportunities but I was proven something else. A 4 hour guided trip this morning resultet in 16 pikes which is to be considered quite good since most of time was spent in sparkling sun, no winds at all and clear waters. Great fun though with several visible pike strikes!

 Hopefully there will be some more reports to share with you guys later this weekend!

// Daniel Wickman