Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snookie time!


I'm looking out through the reception window and can report about another sunny day here at Dragsö. Wind has been a bit strong yesterday and in the later part of today. Direction is good though, South/West and increasing water temps in average.

How about the fishing then? Well, today some groups left us for this time, with mostly same reports.
Good numbers and a few bigger samples as well. Meter pikes has been caught this weekend as well and one of them were really thin. That's for sure a good sign in my opinion, pikes are getting done with their spawning and a lot of small baby pikes will be born and raised this year also.

I've also got reports today about the first discovery of snook/horn pikes for this year. God these creatures doesn't live for fun.. Almost every fishermen hates them. Sea trout fishermen are giving sighs and bad words followed by that when they see snooks for their first time of the year. Almost the same with pike fishermen, since the snook is moving in same areas, and are not afraid of hunting the same baits even though the sizes of baits are way to big for them. Personally, I can really recomend to spend a few hours fishing with light equipment or by fly after them. These cool fish are hunting in groups in the surface and are actually pretty good to BBQ!

We are expecting good fishing winds & weather the upcoming week and me myself will lay plenty of time on water next 2 days. Hopefull to get back with good reports =)

Snookie time!


Oh no. Like you said...we pike fishermen hate hornpike. See you at the end of the week!