Thursday, May 3, 2012

Late bloomers...


Just packed my gear for a early morning session tomorrow. Last couple of days has been very sunny, barely no clouds on the sky and rising temperatures. At least the wind has stopped blow us in our faces from north, with more stable winds from south/south-west the past two days.

Herring is approaching fast and in large amounts at the moment. A couple of our guests from Poland tried their luck for herring today and got loads of them nearby the ferry harbour to Gdynia. So pikes will definitely have their very own Swedish smorgasbord when they leave the bays after their sexy time..

I also got a report from a returning Dutch team that today. They had 15 fish in their boat today with a really fat 97cm fish on top. Hopefully I will recieve a picture of this stunning fish so it could be shared with you readers on the blog :) And I should also mention that fishermen are still cathing fish that not has been spawning yet (could it be herring-stomachs?).

Personally I guess most of them are done spawning and will any day migrate to fill their bellys with herring and small cods. ..

I'll be back with reports after tomorrows morning fishing!

Herring in big schools.