Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pikes go safe.. Use rubber for bonzana!

Hi to everyone!

Back at work after two days away from duties which, of course, means fishing. This monday I spent approx 2,5 hours around the islands close to Dragsö. With a Daiwa Powermesh spinning rod I tried out some very fresh rippers in blue/white colour (se attached photo) with great result. At least if you take a look at the numbers...

15 pikes did fall for these rubber baits but no fish measured over 75cm I think. Very fun anyway with such a interest for these baits. I tried out several jerks as well but pikes where for sure waiting to digest some tail dancing small baits instead. It's a shame that these rippers don't live for too long though. Switch to a new sample is required every 2-10 pikes before it's unusable.

Went out yesterday as well for a bit longer trip. My ambition were to try out the area around Hasslö, to see if pikes has started to spread out in the archipelago after spawning. The answer came quickly, just a few casts and there was a small curve on my rod; Fish on!

I caught 7 fish in maybe 3 hours, most of them once again on blue/white rippers in size 4'', fished with 10g heads. Not the best result, but there were fish widely out in the archipelago, and that was the answer I wanted.
On my way back I stopped by the "Dangerous islands", Smörpundsholmarna. A lot of fish were around and 5-6 pikes went up in just half-an-hour. Biggest sample here measured around 85cm.

All of these fish were caught in about 0,5m-2,5m, and lots of pike were active these two days. So for our fishermen coming this week, conditions look very well for having good pike fishing!


thank you for news daniel

Vacation just started! We'll leave tomorrow and see you guys at the end of friday morning I think. Can´t wait to be back... See you friday!!!