Thursday, October 13, 2016

In the middle of autumn season

Time for another weekend of fishing and new anglers to arrive shortly. About 30 anglers will arrive today and almost 20 more to come later this weekend.

Me myself have been of work last couple of days and spent both days on the water. The day before yesterday I went out on my own and tried my luck. Continuously, we have N-NE winds and water level is dropping slowly. For sure not the best conditions but it's always possible to catch something, right?

In total I went to seven different areas and only two of them were productive this time. Most places offered very clear waters and therefore shy pikes. When I finally found a place where water had a little bit more colour pikes started to bite immediately. It's easy for me to say that I went from zero to hero, since I managed to catch 17 pikes in the same area within a couple of hours. Top fish was 101cm and also two pikes of 92cm as the biggest ones of the day. Very dark colours of the lures was working best this day (brown or brown/gold).

Yesterday I went out again together with Anders from Daiwa. Weather was pretty much the same again with N-NE winds, cloudy and a little low water level. Of course we went back to the area where I had good fishing the day before. Water was now clear again and pikes not active at all. Only a few followers and no pikes willing to bite. We moved on further west in the archipelago and caught our first pike after a couple of hours. Not a big one but still the important first pike of the day.

We continued our hunt in several bays and tried everything from 0,3m to 2,5m but nothing worked very well. Only a handful of pikes were caught during the day and nothing bigger than 85cm. Still it was a pleasant day to be out with many jokes, laughs and testing new (and impressing!) products.

Catch reports from our guests tells me pretty much the same facts that I have experienced last couple of days. It has been difficult to find the right spots but when you do, you can have good fishing!

Upcoming two days will be spent on the water. Half day trip tomorrow with Visreis from Netherlands who will start selling our product from now and the rest of this weekend with a Swedish group.

To be back with new reports!

// Daniel Wickman