Thursday, October 27, 2016

Final weeks of autumn season

Hi guys!

It's been some busy days (as always!) at Camp Dragsö. Last weekend we were fully booked since the final of Sportfish Masters (Gädd-SM) was arranged. About 100 anglers arrived last Thursday and all with one target in mind, to win the competition!

In this competition, approx 187 teams (513 anglers) started and they spent two days in very hard conditions. Water level was low, rain was constantly pouring down and winds quite strong during some parts of the two day competition. After the first day, our colleague Willy with his team Karlskronafiske was in the lead.

During day two, it was clear that several local teams was about to end up in good positions since approx five of the top ten teams had Karlskrona as their home waters. During the day we followed the teams progress on a live feed and it was a tight race! Luckily, Willy and his team managed to preserve their lead from day one and won the whole competition! Their top five fish result was 484cm which is a very good result, especially when you have in mind that the conditions were hard. So except from winning a brand new Linder boat and other cool stuff, they also won a ticket to be in the Youtube series 'Fly vs Jerk' which will be broadcasted in 2019. Awesome right?!

Last few days I've been of work and yesterday I tried my luck together with Philip from Stinger Productions. We were not very successful. The first thing in the morning he texted me "Shit! Negative degrees outside". And he was right. The first night with -2 degrees outside and when we came to Dragsö most things, including the boat, was covered in frost. This combined with sparkling sun, no wind and about -25cm of low water level didn't really peak our expectations.

At the first stop, we actually had several nice followers directly and it didn't take long until I hooked the first fish of maybe 85cm. Only minutes later, I also had a nice fish over the meter margin following my lure in the clear and shallow water. We continued on to catch some pikes in the same area and soon we were up to six or seven fish in the boat. Suddenly, pikes stopped biting and we had a really hard time finding any fish at all. We tried several new spots without success and ended the day with only nine pikes caught. A dissapointment but still always nice to be out there!

At the moment we're having approx 25 anglers on Dragsö, this time only from Sweden. Tomorrow will most probably be a difficult day since water level will be almost -65cm below normal! But finally, there is going to be south-west winds upcoming days which we have waited for several weeks now. Hopefully this can help us out a little bit in the hunt for our beloved green predators.

To be back with new reports and thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman