Sunday, September 11, 2016

Several days of guided fishing


I'm back on Dragsö again after many hours on the water. Last three days has been spent on guided trips with both new and returning guests. Overall, results has been quite good if you have the circumstances in mind. Because honestly, weather last few days has been more like July rather than September.

Friday morning I was accompanied with two Swedish lads. They booked a half day (4hrs) and I decided to take them to a big bay as our first stop. We started fishing in low winds and sparkling sun. I didn't take long until the first couple of pikes was caught and released. The biggest fish at this stop measured 92cm.

We continued to new areas and found one pike at a time, widely spread out. When we entered a new bay a good sized fish striked a Big Bandit paddle tail. The lure was positioned like a classic harmonica in the mouth of the fish. This lady measured 87cm and was of good condition.

Our numbers this trip was 11 which was OK and gave the lads a good start of their fishing holiday.

In the afternoon, I went out with two other returning guests from Sweden. Last time they visited us, in the spring this year, their results was far from good. Actually, they kind of managed to catch more breams than pikes during their stay. Now it was time to change that!

Our first stop was set to another big bay located west of Dragsö. I knew that big fish was going to be there, so we started drifting. Not to far in to our first drift, a pike was landed. Actually, we ended up staying in this bay for more than two hours since fishing was to good to leave the place.

Within those two hours, my guests managed to catch several big fish of 102cm, 98cm and 93cm. Also a few fish just under 90cm as well so for sure great result, especially since weather conditions wasn't really offering the best possibilities to catch pike.

Back at Dragsö, we summed up a total of 12 pikes during our trip. Nice times!

Yesterday, I had a full day guided trip with a group of Swedes. Can you imagine, 10th of September and we enjoyed 24 degrees in the air, sparkling sun and no wind at all. The sea was calm as a mirror for several hours and this didn't really help us out in our hunt for the green predators.

Fishing started out slow and only a couple of pikes was landed within the first hours. We tried everything from bays, islands to the very outer part of the archipelago. Nothing worked. But then suddenly we got some wind and what happens? Fish starts to bite!

After lunch our numbers started to get better. We moved on between the islands and found a few pikes at most stops. It felt a bit strange to fish this day since there was boats, jet-skis, water skis and hundreds of people sunbathing and swimming in the water, in the middle of September! Can someone please get rid of the heat and give us pike friendly conditions?

Anyway, we had a good day out there and finally ended up with 19 pikes in total. One fish of 85cm as the biggest of the day if I remember right.

Today I also had a half day trip together with guests from Ukraine. In the morning we had once again very low winds so I decided to go back to one of the productive bays from past days. Unfortunately, water was a bit to clear and pikes wasn't willing to dance with us. Only a few followers was seen so we continued to some islands instead. It took almost two hours before we caught the first fish and it continued to be slow fishing. We ended up with a total of four pikes and lost at least the same amount after some short fights.

Now I will have a few days off work. Weather is going to be sunny and with low winds and warm temperatures. Still not the best conditions for pike fishing but I think I'll give it a try anyway!

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman