Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Late September update and BGF coming up!

Soon it's time for one of the biggest fishing competitions in whole northern Europe, Blekinge Pike Festival.This year the competition is held during 1-2nd of October which is on Saturday and Sunday this week. As usual our camp is fully booked for this event and of course we will compete ourselves, it's definitely one of those traditions that I'm looking forward to every year. A lot of guests, friendly chats about fishing and tactics, combined with competeing and eating way to much candy and food during these days!

For being this time of the year, temperatures has been very high both in water and air but finally it seems like autumn is here to stay. Day temperatures is now somewhere around 16-18 degrees and water temp around 14.5 - 16.5 degrees. Still warmer than usual, but for sure better than about ten days ago when we had 25 degrees in air and 18-19 degrees in the water.

A few days ago another big fishing competition was held in Karlskrona. It was one of the last qualification competitions for Sportfish Masters and 63 teams competed. Biggest fish measured 112cm and a few more over the meter margin was caught by about 150 anglers during last Sunday. Me myself had a guided trip during the same day with poor result. Only five or six pikes in the boat during a half day trip but a nice bonus perch of 42cm set a little bit of a consolation for us.

Overall, I would say that fishing seems to be quite slow lately. Sure, some big fish is coming up but there is also a lot of anglers out there. Last week the best boat had 77 pikes in one day, one boat, while the biggest fish caught by our guests was 111cm. There should also be mentioned that a few boats struggled to even catch a handful of pikes in a day.

We still have some prep work to do before upcoming weekend but I think it's gonna be a good one. Very strong winds is awaited tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. I think that might be what the pikes need to get active. We'll be back with a summary and reports during upcoming weekend! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and/or our Instagram account dragsosportfishing and you'll be updated about our success (or??) in the competition!

// Daniel Wickman