Thursday, March 3, 2016

We're getting ready

Hi guys!

A little bit delayed report this week since a lot of other duties unfortunately stood higher on my to do list. In the beginning of last week we only had 1 boat in the water. Today, 7 days later, we have 18 boats ready for fishing! The last two boats still have some work to be done but soon enough all of them will be ready. Most of our boats has been facing some paint jobs but also many bottom plates (floor) has been changed. They simply look much better now :-)

Last weekend I had both days of and during these days I was accompanied by my friends Jocke and Stefan. A few months ago Jocke and I tried a half day of fishing in Karlskrona but unfortunately he arrived when temperature went down a lot the night before, so fishing was bad by that time. Hopefully we were going to have better fishing this time for some fat spring ladys.

Unfortunately, minus degrees and ice came back the night before our first fishing day. The first 1000 meters we had to drive through 0,5-1cm of ice to even reach open water. As you might understand, this wasn't really the best conditions and fishing started out slow. A few hours later we started to get plus degrees and sun. This saved our day since pikes started to feed a little bit and Stefan hooked up with a good fish. Directly, I shouted "It's a big fish!" but Stefan wasn't that convinced yet. Shortly the fish came close to the boat and it was no doubt that the fish measured over +100cm.

Soon enough I could secure the fish in our landing net and we thought that the fish actually could reach the magic 10 kilo mark if we were lucky. Moments later we checked weight and length. This lady measured 109cm but weight scale stopped a small cheeseburger away from the magic two digit mark. 9.95 kilos but still a very nice fish and a personal best for Stefan. After some photos she went back to her right environment, with a new wisdom to not try to eat a Pigshad Jr again.

Overall fishing continued to be slow and not more than 7 or 8 pikes was caught on the whole day. At one of our last stops close to Dragsö I had a very very nice follower but this lady didn't bite. Probably over 10 kilos but I will try to catch her next time instead! It was a very nice day to be out on the water though and with some nice burgers and beers later in the night, this day was a good one.

The next day, Sunday, started out like the first one. We had to drive through 0,5cm ice during the first 200 meters or so, with -2 degrees in the air. Like our first day fishing started out very slow. We did see many pikes sun bathing in shallow bays but with no interest at all to strike our lures. It took us several hours until the first fish was landed and overall slow fishing in more or less no wind. Later on after lunch we received some wind and then we also started to catch some fish. No big ones but still nice to feel something in the other end of the line. In total we caught about 8 fish this day as well.

Another weekend is approaching and of course some fishing will be on my schedule. This time together with Philip from Stinger Productions, who by the way caught a +10 kilo fat lady last week in Karlskrona. Time to catch another fat pig this weekend!

// Daniel Wickman