Monday, March 7, 2016

Half way to hundred

Hi guys!

Another weekend is over and of course I spent some time on the water. Or to be honest most of the daylight time during this weekend was spent on water, together with Philip from Stinger Productions and Daniel from Fiske&Outdoor in Jönköping.

We started 8am on Saturday morning and decided to go west. Very cloudy, cold and almost no wind. Fishing started out slow and even though we tried many spots, lures and methods we struggled to find active fish. Not more than 11 pikes in the boat on the whole day and one lost fish of approx 95cm.

Since Saturday wasn't to good our expectations for Sunday wasn't much better. Still cloudy and cold, 2-3 degrees in the water and wind from east/north-east. This day we decided to go east and tried several bays. Fishing started out slow with only two small cucumbers in a couple of hours. Finally we found a spot where fish was active and pikes started to bite on everything. Soon enough we were up to 19 pikes and I had a super cool strike close to the boat. I used a Red tiger McPike 25cm and looked at it as it came close to the boat. Out of nowhere a massive mouth opens up and inhaled my lure.

At first I thought that this was a very big fish. It sure was a big fish since she measured 96cm but I thought she was going to be even bigger the first seconds after my strike.

We continued on to some new areas and rain started to pour down. For a short moment we even had a mix of snow and rain. Pikes went slow again but in the afternoon we managed to find a few spots that delivered well. Pikes were almost flying in to the boat since we ended up with 50 pikes! Nice result for being March and 2 degrees in the water. Another big fish was landed by yours truly before the end but she didn't reach over the meter margin.

Overall a nice weekend and maybe pikes have started to feed again after some time with minus degrees in night time.

Tomorrow I'll be out for another day on the water so the hunt for this seasons first real "pig" continues.

// Daniel Wickman