Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sportfish Masters final!

Sunday afternoon and Dragsö is at the moment very quiet. Today more than 35 fishing teams left us after a short weekend in Karlskrona. Yesterday the final of Sportfish Masters was arranged and 129 teams were competing to win the title of being Swedish master in pike fishing. Very glorious competition and nice to see the final in Karlskrona this year.

As always, weather gods didn't cooperate very well. The day before the final we measured water level to be approx -60cm. Less than 24 hours later when the final started water level had raised a lot up to -10cm. On top of this, half day of the final was dead calm with no winds to talk about. Some teams managed to find the right spots anyway and soon enough several teams were up to more than 400cm in their top 5 pikes.

Later on yesterday evening the final results were announced at Scandic Hotel. To me it wasn't that big surprise who the winner was. Team Mouse fishing managed to catch 5 big pikes and ended up with impressive 509cm! Their biggest fish was 110cm and by that they also won one of the side competitions as this fish was the biggest of all in the competition. Tony, the creator of Mouse, was also the winner of the individual competition of top 3 pikes in length. Grand slam and a big congratz!

Results in Sportfish Masters final 2015

Team - 5 longest pikes 
1. Team Mousefishing         509cm
2. CWC Fishing Team 1      449cm
3. Kalmarsundsportfiske 2  448cm

Individually - 3 longest pikes1. Tony Andersson Team Mousefishing   305cm
2. Jimmy Lindahl CWC Fishing Team 1 284cm
3. Steve McVey TPF/Esox Gear               268cm

Longest pike in competition: Andreas Andersson in Team Mousefishing 110cm

It was nice to see and chat to many of the most skilled pikes anglers in Sweden. Very nice arrangement and for sure a success!

Tomorrow I'm going out for a guided trip and during Tuesday I will be out with Philip, Stinger Productions. Time to hunt some mamas down!

// Daniel Wickman