Friday, October 16, 2015

Autumn mamas and windy squalls


So, finally some time over to give you guys a new update. As usual during fishing season we're quite busy with more or less fully booked camp during weekends and also some guests for week long or even longer visits.

Five years ago when I started my work at Dragsö we wasn't even open for fishing longer than to the second week of October each year. A lot has happend since my first season and it's hard to imagine now that we were normally closing down by now. Currently, we have 19 fishing groups here this weekend and even more here for other purposes than fishing. Next weekend we have no cabins nor boat pitches available since Sportfish Masters final is to be arranged on Saturday. Between 130-180 teams will be competing in the final and you can follow this competition live via

When it comes to fishing at the moment I would say that several days during this week has been quite difficult. Strong north/east winds for several days and this doesn't really make the pikes go crazy. Especially not when winds are up to 17m/s....

Both me and Jakob were out on guided trips earlier this week and we had to fight hard to find active pikes. About 18 pikes was caught in total and top fish in my boat measured 102 and 92cm. The meter pike was a fat and nice fish caught in shallow waters of approx 1m.

Water temperature at the moment is about 8 degrees in most areas so most fish is found in shallow bays. As always you can still find fish further out in the archipelago but mainly we find the pikes in shallow water at this time. I would say that most successful lures lately for us has been slowly fished tailbaits but also smaller rubbers such as McRubber Jr.

Two more guided trips for me upcoming days so hopefully we can find some pike mothers willing to dance out there. Strong east winds with a bit of rain in the afternoon is what we have to deal with today. Let's find out if the pikes like it :)

// Daniel Wickman