Thursday, April 19, 2018

Busy Busy Busy

Well there is no other word that suits better at the moment. After a long winter with ice covering our surrounding area until the beginning of April, a lot of things was to be done in short time. Most of our boats is now in the water, about three weeks after the water opened up the opportunity to do so.

Also, this year we have taken back the restaurant on Dragsö to our own management which also means we've worked a lot with renovating the whole building basically. Finally it's more or less finished and this week we started with serving lunch during Monday-Fridays. Such an improvement!

With spring finally arriving, a lot of our work days has been spent out on the camp to make everything ready for fishing season but also for camping season which has started now. Several guided trips has also been on both mine and Willyboi's schedule since ice let go, with variating results.

A short summary of the first weeks will be easy. Many nice pikes was caught during the first week of open water, and some days with very good numbers. Since then, temperatures has been going up and down very much and very fast. Almost as fast as the water level, which has been going very much up and down during the first weeks. Last ten days or so has been very tricky for fishing, since spawning is now in full progress. The first reports of after spawn pikes has already been received so most probably it might be slow a few more days before numbers go up again.

This weekend we have about 25 anglers on Dragsö. Most of them arrived today so we'll see what they can manage to catch upcoming days!

Don't forget our annual photo competition while staying at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. Send us your best pictures from your stay with us and win nice prices!

1st Price - Guided half day trip value 3800SEK
2nd Price - Voucher @ Camp Dragsö Sportfishing 1000SEK
3rd Price - Voucher @ Camp Dragsö Sportfishing 500SEK

Send your pictures to and check out our Facebook page 1st of December where we announce our winners!

// Daniel Wickman